Monday, March 19, 2007

Our President in Enterprise After the Tornado

Unable to verify the account below or its source, but its just
one of those stories that "fits" the pattern that has emerged
about this apparantly honorable man that is the President..

I trust as it circulates on the net it will be confirmed
or exposed. Will keep my eyes on the "urban myth"
sites which are in the business of confirming or
debunking these stories.

Its refreshing to note most of those I've researched
about George Bush have been confirmed. Some are
listed below.

The returned salute at his helicopter to the Marine guard.

The returned salute at the hospital bed of a Col. Birdwell,
a soldier wounded as a result of the attack on the Pentagon.

His many visits to the survivors of those killed in action .

President Bush was reportedly one of 156 candidates
considered for the 2002 Peace Prize, which was awarded
in October 2002 to former President Jimmy Carter.

President Bush fulfills his promise to jog with a soldier
who lost his leg in Afghanistan.

A soldier at Walter Reed stuck his limb up to the President as
he was leaving after awarding medals to many of the soldiers,
and President Bush cupped his limb with both hands and said
"God Bless You." He then knelt down and kissed him on the

A picture of President Bush hugging a 911 victim.

Subject: President in Enterprise

There is a man at Ridgecrest who is an ABI officer. He got up last night and told us about having the honor of being paired with one of the secret service men who were with President Bush Saturday in Enterprise. He said when they started walking through the rubble at the school they came upon four students waiting for the President. They were in an area where on the floor there was a emblem that read EHS Class of 65. When the President approached the students he asked which one of you are the president (I assume president of the student body)? One of of the girls kind of raised her hand and said I am then she hung her head and started to cry. President Bush wrapped his arms around her and the other three joined them. Barry, the ABI officer said President Bush started to cry and said "It's tough being the president isn't it." Barry said he talked with them a little longer. He said he was very close to the President but couldn't hear every word that was spoken, but he could tell that the President was quoting scripture. After a while the President started walking again and said he wanted the emblem preserved whatever it took. The Mayor then spoke up and said they would take care of it and President Bush turned to him and said "I was speaking to the President." I bet that the Mayor closed his mouth then!!! and then President Bush said "by the way where are my children"? The four students who were lagging behind came running up to him and walked the rest of the way over to the church with him. The media were sent to a different area Barry said. When President Bush got inside the church to meet with the families of those that had been killed the secret serviceman turned to Barry and said this is as far as we go. This is his time with them. Barry then asked him if the President was protected and the secret servicemen said yes, he is protected, but not by us. Barry could hardly contain himself as he was telling us this last night. He said he told the secret service man that he wished everyone could witness what he just did then they could see that the most powerful man in the United States was just another human being, a father, a comforter, a friend and had true compassion for these people. However the media does not portrait that, big surprise! Of course I don't tell this story with the humility that Barry did because he was there, but I thought you might like to hear it. You might want to share it


Jungle Mom said...

Oh, I can feel his compassion. I get so offended by the MSM. Why do they hate our country so much?

Candy said...

I LOVE President Bush. And I live in Canada, he's not even my President but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. And I ADORE Mrs. Bush too.


Pat said...

Someone always tries to tear him down....he is such an honorable and compassionate man!!

He has our respect......and allegience!

Maggie Ann said...

That is so touching! Virtue...a treasure beyond compare.

Baptist Girl said...

I love Mr. Bush too and I am a cannuck too. He has been through so much bashing through out his time in office, mostly the Liberal Media. CNN is one of the worst. I like Fox News because they seem to side with him and do not bash him unless there is a democrate speaking. He is a good man, he is not a perfect man but He loves the Lord it seems and he loves his country.


Kitty said...

I completely agree with you about President Bush, and I really enjoyed reading this. I feel like he has received way too much negative press. He has always struck me as a very honorable and genuine person. (Unlike a certain other very insincere individual who occupied the Oval Office a decade ago... I will never understand why he was beloved by so many people then and even now...???)

Sherry said...

That makes me so happy to see the picture of our President with a fellow American GI jogger. I had to vent my frustration on my blog today. LOL

Haus Frau said...

I love and support President Bush..have since the beginning of his initial campaign when he (& lovely Laura) came to our town on a train.

On you can click on the link (a bit lower on the page) for "A Day In The Life Of President Bush". Each day he is highlighted of what he has done. I visit it often. :o)