Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to a Special Someone!

Today, Saturday, is the birthday of my sweet niece Jackie Jo Vernoy McCobb! That's her in the photo above with her knight in shining aromor!

A bouquet of lovely roses for my lovely niece!

How can it be 22 years already since the announcement of her birth? Boy, time does fly. I feel I have a special bond with Jackie for several reasons. One, she was my very first niece! Two, I moved all the way to Mexico just to care for her while her parents attended an intensive language course before going to Venezuela. Three, she is a fun and easy person to talk to. She really listens to me. Even though she is ____ years younger than me, she gives me good advice. (Since we have both been accused of being *economists*, I should be able to do the math here!) Four, she makes me laugh so hard and so much, whether we are together or on the phone or IMing! It doesn't matter. Something will cause us both to break out in fits of hard belly laughs! I love it! Five, she loves the Lord so much and desires to be a Proverbs 31 lady!

Happy Birthday my dear Jackie. I miss you, but I'm so happy you are in God's will serving as a missionary in Paraguay!

Here's a few photos I had available on my computer to post. I have some great photos of us together when she was a baby in Mexico. If I had a scanner, I would love to have posted the one with her taking her first steps - guess where? Climbing the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico!!

Jackie at age 3 welcoming my son home!
4th of July picnic at my house before she and Brian headed to Costa Rica for language school! Do you all remember when she posted a terrible photo of me on her blog and I promised I would get even with her? ya' go!

In Costa Rica, awaiting the arrival of their princess-Elena Grace!

One of my most favorite photos of Jackie! She had just given birth to her first angel!

A tired Mommy and baby at home!

Now just for you Jackie! Because you are expecting angel number 2, I thought you would enjoy this picture of the baby's foot marking the mommy's belly! So sweet, don't ya' think?


Ashley said...

Aww everytime you post pictures I realize how much I really miss them all...
Wow jackie looks so beautiful in that picture right after Elena's birth! She's absolutely glowing!!


That last picture was so wonderful. I have never seen anything like that in my life. It is so special. All the pictures were great. I know you must be very proud of her and others in your family that are so far away from home serving our Lord. May God bless them and you. Thanks so much I will never forget that picture. Connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

Aww. Great photos of my baby!

RoseMary said...

What a special relationship you have with your niece! Thanks for sharing with us!

Pat said...

She sure is spoecial and a wealth of wisdom even for those of us who are ahead and paving the way!!

She is such a servant and a good wife and of course, a Mommy!!What a calling!!

I am sure many lives are touched by her desire to serve the Lord!!


Jackie said...

well, we are even. thanks for pictures! I loved reading your post it made me feel special! :)
Love you lots!

luvvom said...

Those were great pic and the last one made me tear up!!!!!!!! You are blessed to have such a great relationship with your neice. God has blessed you both with His grace...enjoy!

Happymama said...

Love the picture of mom and babe sleeping. That is so sweet.

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Now, is this the niece and her hubby that have been fighting the Dengue fever? If so, how are they doing?


luvvom said...

I just thought of it, but this last pic would be a great one to put on a billboard with pro-life written across it...not that she would want her pic up there...but one like it.

Lyndy said...

Pam, What a lovely relationship it sounds like you have with your neice. I had an aunt that I was very close to as well and treasure the times we shared, as she has been gone for many years now.

Family is such a blessing and thank you for sharing yours with us.

Sherry said...

Happy birthday Jackie! May the Lord keep blessing you and your family with all the love and support in your lives. Love the pic with the baby's foot imprint. That is awesome.

Candy said...

Nice post :) I love the baby foot picture. My son did that to me too when he was in my tummy :)

Sis. Julie said...

This is a very nice post. I pray Jackie and the family are doing well. May God bless them and the upcoming birth of their next child.