Saturday, March 17, 2007

Roger Bennett Graduates to Heaven

Below is an email I received from Ernie Haase today concerning Roger. After battling leukemia for 12 years, God has finally called him home. My heart grieves for his dear family, but yet rejoices to know Roger is out of pain and praising the Savior which he sang about!

Roger Bennett
March 10th, 1959 - March 17th, 2007

It is with much sadness that I must tell you that our friend Roger Bennett has gone to be with the Lord. Scott Fowler just called and told me that Roger went peacefully and with his wife Debbie at his side. Roger Bennett, along with myself, George Younce, Glen Payne and Scott Fowler had the great blessing of traveling together for the last 10 years of the Cathedral Quartet's career. Roger made those long miles very fun and enjoyable.

The sadness we all feel right now is not for Roger ..... he's healthy and whole ... free at last from the body of disease! Our grief is for his family and for our own personal loss. Not having Roger around is what makes our hearts heavy.

I and all the Signature Sound family grieve today along with all the Gospel Music world.

We will miss you ol buddy!


If you would like to see a tribute for Roger, please click on the link below.


Jungle Mom said...

I ,too, grieve for his family. But cant you just see the reunion in heaven right now? I bet Glenn is excited!


I am so sorry for your loss. The next touch we feel could be the Lord blessing our soul as the song says. God bless you, Pam. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Oh Rita, lets add George Younce to the mix. He went home awhile back also.

Jackie said...

I had forgotten that Roger and I had the same birthday. I'm sad for his family but glad his battle is over. He fought well, and deserved a rest.

Candy said...

Im sorry too for your loss.
You will see him again one day in Heaven. Thats what comforts me when I lose a loved one..I WILL see them again one day.
Love and God bless,

Karen said...

Hello Pam,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It was so nice of you, thanks.
It's good that you have family that are involved in missions work.
It's a blessing to see what the lord can do in a persons life when they let him work on them.
Please do pray for Ireland, we sure do need it.People here can be so heard-hearted.
Anyway thanks again and God Bless you.

Mishel said...

Aww, I am sorry to hear about this. I am thankful he is with the Lord now and isn't suffering anymore. I will be praying for his dear family. My son and I were *just* listening to GVB, before I logged on to read your blog.