Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Check In

I'm so happy to see you all enjoyed my Red Skelton Jokes post! I loved watching his show as a small girl.

This will be a short note just to thank all who have been praying for our revival meetings. God has surely met with us this week. Tonight (Fri.) is our last service, but prayerfully not the last of our revival! We know the evangelist doesn't bring revival all nice and neat in his brief case. He brings the sermons God lays on his heart for us. God brings the revival if we allow Him. I really feel many have allowed true revival this week. My parents and my son Josh have driven up from Tampa several nights this week to be in church with us. It has been a blessing to all be in a service together again! I can't wait to share more later.

My mom, Loretta.

My Dad, Pastor Jack Riffe, with my son, Josh Rios.This was taken after Josh's third time to preach.

God bless you all! Thanks for all the great comments you have been leaving. They truly help make my days better!


Missy said...

Hey... I know those people.
Miss you. Grace is home by now. She called while they were waiting on their plane in Chicago. I can't wait to hear the adventure.

Pat said...

There is an old addage "The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together".......

Your family is close and that is apparent that you love worshiping here together!

Jungle Mom said...

Glad you have a good revival. Great photos!

Lyndy said...

Pam, What a lovely family you have. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog and will glady give Lee a hug from you.

I am so thankful that Shane got a good report from the Dermatologist, what a blessing indeed.

Glad you liked the Jambalaya recipe. I need to make it again soon. Now that I am back working part-time I need to make good use of my crock pot again.

Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

Mishel said...

So thankful to hear about the revival...and sure enjoyed the pictures.