Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday, the biopsy was performed on mom's thyroid. It was very painful for her. They realized after getting started that she should have been "put out". The local anesthetic would not numb the bone and it seemed they kept hitting her bone during the procedure. I'll keep you updated with the results. Thanks for those prayers.
Keep 'em coming.

Here are some more photos from our family reunion.

All the GREAT-GRANDKIDS that were there. Shane, my little brown bear in a sea of blonde!

All the GRANDKIDS who were there.
Or should I say all the COUSINS?
Another one of us. We felt like the papparazi were hounding us! So many cameras!

All of mom's brothers. Back row: Clarence, Elzie
Front row: Ballard

Mom in center, with her sisters.

Mom with all her siblings. They were all able to attend this year!

Mom again with all her siblings!

Shane and Kristin off and running on the four-wheeler.
Here they are driving up Andy's driveway. Yes folks, that's a driveway!

Kristin and Shane
Shane with Olivia (Tara's daughter) & Kelsey (Sherry's daughter).

My brother John, with our cousin Teresa. They could pass for brother and sister,
don't you think?
Driving on Hwy. 52 through a little town called Keystone. You can click to enlarge enabling you to get a better look at the coal cleaning site ahead.

Uncle Clarence drove me down into the site. After working in the mines and owning a fleet of coal trucks, he knows these mines like the back of his hand.
How do you think the "Cap & Trade(tax)" will affect the folks living in the coal fields region of West Virginia? They've already been hurt by the environmentalist movement over the years. Interesting that a democratic congressman wouldn't even agree to come and look at how the mountain top mining works before voting against a bill which would help the mining industry. The entire mountain top is rebuilt after extracting the coal, creating actual real estate space for farms, etc.
Approaching the coal which had already been cleaned, awaiting to be loaded into train cars.

Now, Iaeger Pharmacy, but back in 1960, this was Clark's Clinic. Guess who was born here?


Jungle Mom said...

Even Uncle Ballard made it! WOW! I have to keep that picture. I guess Josh and Jewel made it too late for the photo after getting lost?
John and Teresa do look alike. Mom's hair looks great like that. one told me the biopsy was yesterday!!!

Jungle Mom said...

And I know who was born there but I wont say!

MightyMom said...

too sweet.

Mrs. C said...

Bless you. I'm so sorry your mom was in so much pain!! The country pics are so beautiful. Wish I could move there. :]

Kimberly said...

Great pix! Your Mom looks GREAT! So sorry to hear about the pain during the biopsy. She is still in my prayers. Glad you all had a great time. Some people in those photos look vaguely familiar.

Betty said...

You have a great looking family! And a fun looking group of people! I´m sure you had a lot of laughs taking those pic´s....(not mentioning the bench) :)
It was nice to see some rural country and pretty interesting how they do the coal mining.

Anonymous said...

Your mom does look great and I agree with your sis, I think her hair look so nice like that!

Please continue to keep us posted on the progress with her. Hope you read my status that my mom turned out good this week and cancer free praise God!

Love your uncle's names! Wow!

Shane is so cute with all the blond kids. It's like Beto when he is with all of us dutch folks :)

Susan said...

Ouch & double ouch about the biopsy on your dear mother.

Great pictures. How wonderful a family of 8 siblings at their age all together.

Joy said...

Looks like a great time Pam, I didn't know you had such a big family and how fun for everybody to get together.
My husband had over 100 first cousins. I think I have 16.
Hmmmm. I'm wondering who could have been born there?


The Young Artist said...

I hope she feels much better. Those are scary procedures. That is a lot of family members. With so many, who could get lonely or bored? Cute kids too.
God Bless

groovyoldlady said...

Hi Pam,

I'm praying for your mom. Sorry the procedure was so painful!

The get together looks like loads of fun!

Pat said...

Love these pics---reminds me of home!!

Glad the biopsy turned out ok---will pray for these next few weeks---surprised your Mom can slow for all this!!

Prayers goin up for yall!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great looking family! Looks like you all had a great time...isn't family the best??!!