Sunday, August 02, 2009

Concern From My Anonymous Friend

On my post from July 21 (Can One Have Too Much Fun) anonymous felt he/she/it should leave us a comment - because he/she/it loves us and is so concerned for our health. It seems the photo of the country breakfast offended him/her/it. (FYI-my family rarely cooks those foods these days. That breakfast was made as an indulgence for guests from the city. The lady who cooked that breakfast didn't even partake, as she is on Weight Watcher's.)
I'll post the comment here so we can all be enlightened, but I think most of you already know the tidbit anonymous shared. I guess if it makes anonymous happy to troll around and rain on our parades, then far be it from me to take his/her/it's joy away!
Anonymous said...
"wow, no wonder almost everyone in that family is fat. WV is second only to MS in obesity."

How many of you think that this anonymous friend needs to learn some manners? I'm sure he/she/it feels he/she/it is far superior than I. I however, do not troll around to strangers blogs just to post obnoxious comments!
My first inclination was to not publish the comment since it isn't the first time that this troll has left a comment about my obesity or that of my family members. Then I realized that this poor little troll needs a life and really has nothing else to do other than insult others.
Now just for fun! Some more photos of fat people; loving, kind, gentle FAT people! Who would you rather spend time with? Sweet, caring, kind FAT folks OR rude, hateful, lonely SKINNY people?

Tiff, Josh with Kelsey on her trampoline. You can hear my cousin Sherry's sweet voice on the video. I love that girl! Every pound of her!

The boys (men-Josh and Shawn) jumping with Kelsey, as Tiff and Shane look on.

After Shawn's shorts ripped, Tiff took his place!

Cousin Sherry and I.
I posted this photo so you might see the beautiful scenery.
Oh the trees in the background are kind of pretty too!


Mrs. C said...


Get Sitemeter.

When the next "anonymous" comment like that happens, note the time.

Go into Sitemeter. Look around and figure out, based on time, who left the comment. "Copy" the location of the person.

Go into Google maps. Hit "paste." SOMETIMES I've seen the actual house of the "anonymous" person. It's that accurate.

Now. That being said, do you want to know?

Sometimes people can mask their locations. I'm not masking mine, but since I am on AOL I would show up as being in Kansas even though I'm in Missouri (must be their server location.)

Anyway, I wonder about the rude person's location, and whether it is the second rudest state, closest to NY.

(Apologies to my family in NY LOL)

Missy said...

anonymous was just jealous because he (just used a a neutral pronoun) is from MS and they are fatter !!.. Or he wishes his state was #2 or #1.

jAne said...

(*(*( you )*)*)

'home cooking' is a treat to be enjoyed now and then, not one to be shunned.

never trust a skinny cook. ;o)


Betty said...

Anonymous is just jealous! :) I´m sure it´s a skinny, anorexic she/he/it who can´t let other people enjoy their fun!
I had not seen that comment before and I think this is probably the only way to "scare" them away.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all radiant and happy and beautiful. I'm not so sure that person was as skinny as he/she wants to make us all think... Our harshest criticisms against others are usually things we know are really our OWN flaws, which we are so self conscious over, we try to share the pain by making others feel bad. Sad, sad. I have received some really "sweet" emails from "concerned friends" myself, and you just have to shrug it off. One thing they probably are REALLY jealous of, is how much FUN you guys always seem to be having!!!!! =)

Jungle Mom said...

I know its "W------". Poor miserable "W------" who is so miserable he must try and make others feels bad also.
It must really irk him that it only makes us all laugh!

Aspiemom said...

That was just plain rude! Glad you posted this and hope they're reading it!


I loved the picture of the breakfast, it brought back to mind the great breakfasts my Mom always made for those who came to our home for a visit. On special occasions we always did and I still do today prepare such a breakfast to show special people how much that I love them. If that breakfast is going to kill them, I would rather die that way that from the rude remaks of people who don't know how to show love and just walk around something that they can complain about. I would not trade one of those special breakfast for one extra day here on this earth. God has blessed everyone of them and the ones when we had only a piece of bread to eat down through our lifetimes because it is not what is in the plate that kills but what is in the heart, (MY opinions only.) connie from Texas and yes I am over weight but I hope and pray that my hearts weighs even more. Oh yes, and one more thing, everones loves to come to my home to eat, my Grandchidren have always said they love waking up in our home because of the smells they smell coming from our kitchen. Those comments and feeling mean more than the world to me. Love you, Pam.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I can't believe some people can be so rude! I wonder how they were raised...evidentally not in a loving home like yours. Why can't everyone just be nice to each other and see the beauty in all humans!

MightyMom said...

Here you go. I posted this awhile back...I don't think we knew each other back then.

Seeing as how I'm fat too, I thought I'd share this song with you

love you darling.

Susan said...

Good for you Pam posting the rude comment!!!!! I think this type always needs to be addressed up front just as you have done.

"God looks upon the heart." of ALL of us...even the commentor.

MightyMom said...

hey girl, I linked to this post today....stop by and have a laugh.


Subvet said...

While thin is in, fat is where it's at!

Just thought I'd weigh in on the topic, sounds like things are getting heavy around here.

Tell anonymous to pound sand.

Evansmom said...

You - like me! - might have a few extra pounds but if and when you want to change that, you can. Anonymous, however, can't change her defect, however. A mean streak is forever!

Sensei Justice said...

Tell your dope smoking, tree huggin', America hatin', communist, obamma worshipin', panty waste, rainbow flaying friend: unlike the folks in his party we believe in the right of self choice.

If we chose to die of fried foods and bacon fat thats our call not his. We don't like other people telling us how to live. If he/she/it would ever come to the hills they may realize that Mountaineers are ALWAYS free.

At least we are not sharing beers on national TV. O year never mind the GREAT ONE did that.

Bottom line we don't tell you how to live your life don't tell us how to live ours. If they have a problem send them my way I'll be more than happy to express my opinion.

Kelly said...

People like this have no idea how difficult it is to have a weight issue. We don't necessarily choose to be fat, but we enjoy food. We need to make better food choices and consume lower portions and be more active, but life's busyness doesn't always allow these things. And all of the prepackaged convenience foods are high in fat and sodium. Healthy foods take longer preparation time, lots of cutting and chopping of vegetables, not to mention that they cost more. The economy doesn't exactly make it easy to take off unwanted pounds.

I am happy the way that I am, although I am sometimes uncomfortable. My main concern is the health issues that can be caused by being overweight.

For the record, I love you the way you are, Pam.

Deborah said...

That is so sad! I have three adopted sons, none are biologically related and are completely different. My 13 year old was a chubby toddler but has now slimmed down, my 10 year old hasn't one ounce of body fat on him, and never has! My 7 year old weighs about 105 lbs. They have all been raised together in the same house. Has this poor troll never heard of genetics??
I once saw a documentary on twins who had been raised seperately...two were ladies in their 30's at the was very health conscious and excercised regularly, the other ate whatever and seldom excercised...when they met, you couldn't tell them apart!
Okay....I'll quit now, but this is one of my pet peeves!
Hopefully troll will do some research one DNA and MANNERS!

Anonymous said...

Hey my Sweet Cousin Pam! I have never left a comment here but I just have to say that our family is full of large people!!! With sometimes the exception of me, I really try hard to fit in, but I think I have Grandpa Bookers gene and can't get large. It's certainly not for trying though!!! Do not worry about people who post things like that. Someone who would post that is just jealous because they can not be free in their own body to enjoy themselves! There is just more of this family to love!!!! And I love you lots! Your skinny boney cousin, Debi!!! LOL