Friday, July 10, 2009


Below are photos taken at last years family reunion! We acquired a key from my dad's cousin so that we might enter Uncle Armour England's family log hewed cabin.

To read the journal entry, click to enlarge.

We had a blast reading some of the old journal entries found in this old journal in the log cabin. Entries were made by many different England family members. Some of the entries by the teen age daughter about her boyfriend made us blush! Other entries by the adults concerned things such as who helped rebuild the porch, who brought the supples, who came for Sunday dinner.

An old woven cane chair. My grandpa Booker made many of these in his life.

The view our of my cousin Tara's dining room window!

I fell in love with this old bowl found inside the log hewed home.

The exterior shot of Uncle Armour's log house.


Leaving early for a road trip! We'll be attending a family reunion in the mountains of West Virginia this Sunday. Josh,Tiff, Shawn and Jewel left my house at around 7:30 tonight. They'll arrive there about the time that mom, my brother John, Shane and I start our trip. Josh and Shawn are going white water rafting on Saturday. I'll try to entertain Jewel and Tiff while the guys are flailing down the river!

Their excitement and planning for this road trip caused me to wax nostalgic for my younger, care free days. I guess I can live my life vicariously through theirs.

More later. We sure would appreciate prayers.


MightyMom said...

vicariously hell.

pick you out some fun to have and HAVE IT!!

jAne said...

What a rich, precious family history you have, Pam. Loved reading through this post.

Prayer, yes. I'm praying. <><

jAne at

Susan said...

Glad you are getting this wonderful break again. Enjoy!!!!!

Betty said...

Have fun, and drive safe!

Kat said...

Have a safe trip. Take lots of photos.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Fun, Fun! Family reunions can be so much fun!

Kelly said...

Great photos!

Sensei Justice said...

Ok so its not the blog I had before. Actually its more a web site on a blog lol. My web master has taken a job and can't keep my old karate site up and running so after thing to learn to make one I realized I could cheat and get it all done using the blog. LOL

groovyoldlady said...

Ooooo. I love the cabin. What fun!

Joy said...

Oh Pam, I missed this post some how. What a treasure of a find that you all got to see in the cabin. I'd love to take a look around. All these country photos are making me want to get out of the suburbs.
Love that bowl too.


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