Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can One Have TOO MUCH FUN????

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? My fun-o-meter is tilted to FULL!! What with our road trip to West Virginia for a family reunion weekend before last and then another reunion here in Florida this past Saturday, I can honestly say I've had enough fun to last me all year! I've been dying to get a post on here about all the happenings and funnies but have been too busy or utterly exhausted! A good exhaustion mind you! Laughter so hard, my sides and jaws hurt! Tears of emotion, my eyes are red and puffy! Long car rides, my joints are screaming! House full of company, up too late talking!

This is all good and not to be taken as a negative.

I'm so proud and so honored to have been able to visit and love on my family and friends over these past two weeks!

So where do I begin? I suppose it best to begin with our family reunion. I know my poor sissy is dying for some photos so here goes! Our first day in West Virginia was spent at my cousin Donna's home. What a sweetie she is! When we're together, I think all we do is giggle! Her poor hubby was a trooper and put up with us in good humor! Thank you Lennis!

Donna cooked us a good, hot, country breakfast our first morning with her. Look at that homemade gravy, biscuit, sausage AND bacon, fried farm egg! YUMMY and oh so fattening!

My cousin Donna and I with our Aunt Carol Jane.

The woodsy view right off her back patio! This is on the side of a mountain by the way!

The view off of Donna's back patio. I so enjoyed taking my morning coffee there. I listened to the birdies chirp, and enjoyed the cooler morning weather. There was almost a "nippiness" in the air! What a nice break from the humid, wet heat here in Florida during the summer.

The scenery looking off of Donna's front deck! A country highway, mountains full of trees, all kinds of neat sounds, but peaceful, very peaceful!

Later that evening, our Aunt Rachel brought her two grandbabies by to swim in Donna's pool. She didn't know that mom, Shane, my brother John and I were there. We hid behind the kitchen door, giving her plenty of time to step inside. Then we jumped out and hollered, "HI!" I'm not sure what she uttered but her face was a prize to see!

Shane living the life at Donna's!


In the first video below, you'll see the little fox that would come down out of the woods about three times a day to eat whatever scraps Lennis would throw out for it.

I love living in the country!


The second video is a sample of Lennis playing and singing. He had just tuned his guitar before heading off to church. I asked that he sing something for me. The clip is very short, as my memory card was full! After this, Lennis and I sang something together. For the life of me, I can't remember what we sang! I do know it was alot of fun being with these two sweet Christian people.


Z said...

Okay...send me that breakfast RIGHT NOW! (my doctor will kill you, however:-)mmmmmmmmmmm

SO glad you had such a fantastic time, and I loved the pictures and the videos!! Thanks so much....very nice strumming and singing!

Susan said...

I relate to the laughing, Pam. That's what we did on our 2 day trip of girls from the Bible Study.
So much fun. Laughter truly is good for the soul.

Jungle Mom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Joy said...

We can just see the fun oozing thru this post. I'm so glad you made a safe trip to your reunion and got to spend some time with family and breathe some country air. Enjoyed the videos.


MightyMom said...

girl...that gravy goes ON TOP of the biscuit!!


Webutante said...

What fun to know you've been having soo much fun. Have always loved West Virginia; glad you reuned there again. I remember all those biscuits and gravy from days gone by, but I would have to leave them today....but gladly take those good-looking eggs! Thanks for a wonderful post on your recent whereabouts, Pam!

Joyce D. said...

I enjoyed your site,and I so am with you when you describe your self on your blog.I also love to laugh and have fun!!Blessings!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, no wonder almost everyone in that family is fat. WV is second only to MS is obesity.