Wednesday, July 01, 2009

About Your Comments..

The comments left on my last post were so comforting and full of love. Thanks to each and every one of you (all Five! haha) who took the time to read and leave comments.

Susan, your comment about seeing mom cook and playing hostess with her present health conditions looming over us, is all GOD! Isn't HE awesome? We are so blessed! She isn't worried a bit but has every peace that all is going to be okay. Maybe it's because we've been through so many scares in the past 18 years since her initial surgery, but they've all come back benign. We seem to be a little nonchalant about it all I guess. However, we do have a different feeling about this one. Maybe because it's concerning not just a lump they found but an abnormal lymph nod and something strange going on in her neck. That part is all new to us. We don't take the prayers of you and others lightly. They are so very much appreciated! She is at Moffitt today for one last test before her surgery.

Gregori! I thank you for the award sir! I haven't received one in so long! I went to your blog and wrote out a nice, long comment but for some reason it wouldn't post! I then scrolled down and tried to comment again about the toilet paper object lesson being one of my brother's favorites, and once again, my comment didn't post. I really do visit your blog but it doesn't seem to like me! *pouting*


Beki Ward said...

Keep me posted about Aunt Loretta Pam...and if you need a shoulder, I'm here. Love ya Sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

Pam , we are praying for Aunt Loretta and your family. I love you all. I am glad you have this close relationship with your Mom. Sometimes daughters tend to take Mothers for granted until they are gone and then regrets set in. I had a wonderful Mother and many great me memories to fall back on.

MightyMom said...

didn't I comment on that last post??

I'm sure I did...