Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Missing Her

Just wondering if anybody else is missing Laura Bush as much as I am. The following link is of a short, pleasant interview with her by Ann Curry. I was tempted to not post this particular link so as not to promote NBC (National Obama Network), but in reality was happy they did this piece. Also, notice the website which I found this video on.

Enjoy watching a few minutes of this feminine, classy First Lady!

Laura Bush interviewed by Ann Curry


Mom had blood work done today at Moffitt checking to see if the die which was injected for her CAT scan last week has totally left her system. She can't resume taking any of her medications or supplements until they are certain there are no traces left.

While there, her surgeon also met with her. Mom said when the Dr. walked into the exam room, she asked, "Where's your daughter today?" I think that shows effort on the Doctor's part to want to connect with her patients. Have I told you how great Moffitt Cancer Center has been to us? Yes, I think I have!

Moving on....for now the team is more interested in knowing what exactly is going on in mom's collar bone area. The word lymphoma was in the reports. So...a biopsy will be scheduled for the neck area next week after mom (we) return from our family reunion in West Virginia. For now, the removal of the abnormal lymph node in mom's breast is put on hold. They'll deal with that after this other biopsy. In the meantime, mom plans on having a blast with her sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, and few aunts who are still living.

Thanks for your prayers and if you wouldn't mind, could you pray for our safety on the road? Three car loads will be driving up from Florida to West Virginia on Thursday and Friday. Then back home on Tuesday.

May you feel the warmth of God's love today!


Mrs. C said...

Prayers over your vehicles. I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Joy said...

That family reunion sounds like so much fun. I'll pray for safety.

I'm glad your mom is getting great care at Moffitt. We had a good experience there as well with my mother a couple of years ago.

I'll continue praying for your mom.


MightyMom said...

have a great time!

Kelly said...

I'm glad your mom is being well taken care of.

Also, thank you so much for sharing the video clip of Ann Curry's interview of Laura Bush. I miss both George and Laura so much. They truly cared about this country and I care about them. I can't say the same for the current President and First Lady. As a matter of fact, I can't wait until these four years are over. I just hope our democratic government is still intact and that we will have the freedom to vote for someone else.

jAne said...

Laura Bush is a lady and conducted herself with dignity and decency while serving as our First Lady. I miss her - so much.

jAne at

Pat said...

You and the family are in our prayers.

Yes, how we miss our president and most gracious, humble first lady. They brought a certain dignity to the office than will not be forgotten!!

There seems to be a casualness now that somehow demeans the position and the office!!

And while I am at it---I have not taken ANY overseas trips---I think the house is up to FIVE family vacays this year!! (Oh, yes, my girls and I worked hard to put tires and stuff on the car(about fiv emonths of cleaning!!) to drive to see my mother and send #5 to Christian camp (enable by a love offering)... Guess the rest of our money goes to their vacations!!

Rebecca said...

I miss her too! Prayers sent.