Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I must respond to your comment about The Villages being full of old, out of touch, white people, thinking they still live in the Reagan era. The retirees I spoke to were very well informed on what is going on in today's world and even surprised me as to how much they "knew" of pop culture, etc. It was a very pleasant, positive afternoon, just hanging around the crowded streets waiting on Sarah's arrival! Speaking of crowded streets---there were so many young people and young couples with small children out that day and everyone was having a great, positive time! Oh and they all weren't WHITE! I saw Asians, Blacks, Latinos! For the record, my hubby is latino.

You know, maybe we could experience more great days such as those when President Reagan was in office if we'd be willing to expel the hatred, come together, and be POSITIVE!

I have a question for you anonymous--when did it become a disgrace to be old or white? Your comment came across as though that is a terrible thing. I personally have high respect for the wisdom and experience of the aged who still know their worth and contribute to our society in POSITIVE ways.

I invite anyone to weigh in on this thought as well!


Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for defending me, Pam, an old, white lady who is positive and knows very much what is going on and determined to be POSITIVE, knowledgeable and contribute to our country and The Kingdom of God. You go girl!!!

Jackie said...

Dear Anonymous,
If you can't put your name behind a comment, you really shouldn't say anything.

Randi Jo :) said...

well said :)

Kopatopie said...

I agree with you and jackie! :)

Sis. Julie said...

When a person puts "Anonymous" by their name it speaks of their shame in what they are saying. I am not old AND white...but I am getting old AND white. And I'm proud of it!! I appreciate your post that you did Sis. Pam!! Anonymous needs to go bother someone else. Jessica has had some trouble with ridiculous anonymous comments lately. I'm so thankful for you godly ladies who will handle these anonymous commenters with tact and wisdom.

I love you!!

Jungle Mom said...

Dear A. Nony. Moose!
Get over yourself!
Sounds like you think old people should be euthanized so they can't vote. Do you also condone the murder of unborn babies? And perhaps anyone who has an opinion different from your own should be stopped from speaking or voting so that your opinion is the only one left to be heard.
Welcome to America where we all get a vote. Old, and white included!

Thursday's Child said...

You go, girls!

MightyMom said...

"old white" huh?

here's something you should look into.


William said...

Consider the fact that the Republican National Convention this year had it's lowest number of minorities in 40 years... only 1.5% of all delegates and alternates are black. On the other side, the DNC convention 24% of the delegates are African American, 5% are Asian, 12% are Hispanic, 6% are gays and lesbians, 4% are disabled, and 3% are Native American.

I ask all of you, which is more representative of America?

Considering your husband is hispanic, I'm sure you like the fact that Rush Limbaugh called the hispanic mayor of LA, Antonio Villaraigosa "a shoe-shine boy."

Honestly, of all people who comment here and support McCain... how many of you represent other faiths besides Christian?

It's easy to see why people are calling the GOP "the White KKKristian party"

I'm thinking the youth vote will cancel out the racist vote in this election.

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, I see you are now acquiring the wrath of the left! I'm sorry, but they are hateful and do not wish for anyone to have a voice but themselves. I get so many of these commenters, at least William did not use foul language!
He is a bitter souls is he not?

Anonymous said...

Pam, I think it's so cute how excited you get about the whole election thing... I would have been jumping up and down like a teeny bopper if I'd gotten to see them, too!! =)

I agree with what you said to anonymous... I don't think it's a disgrace to be old or white, hello?? I guess you could say that describes my parents, and their opinion is as important as anyone else's.

In answer to William's question, how many here, supporting McCain, represent any faith other than Christian... I am obviously a Christian (Catholic) but I can tell you, my husband supports McCain and he's not a Christian, or a Republican, or an old white guy either, he's Navajo. He supports McCain because as a combat veteran he respects McCain's patriotism and believes in his experience... I wouldn't have even voted in this election, if it weren't for him telling me to register!!

People just bring up racism and the KKK to get everyone all riled up and distract from the real issues. There's no reason to say Republicans are racist, that's just silly.

Anonymous said...
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Jungle Mom said...

Not to mention that the KKK was fathered by the Democrat Party.
I certainly saw many females at the GOP convention, I saw Native Americans, but more importantly, I saw AMERICANS! Why bring up race when we are supposed to be making it a non-issue? As long as the dems continue to play the race card, we will never truly heal as a nation. the dems do not want the racial problems to go away as they thrive on using it for their benefit.Shameful!


I am old in age but young in heart, I am white but my eyes sees no color, I see actions,and attitudes. I fear the Lord so I know that I am very wise. I do my best to keep up with what is going on in the world but I must say that I still prefer things and people as they were in my Grandma days.

Thank you so much Pam for your seeing with eyes of love and not hate. connie

Anonymous said...

william, it's all Republicans can DO to run against the Pravda media the left has shamelessly propogated in our country let alone try to educate minorities about all the reasons they should be NOT voting for the party of entitlements, but instead to vote for the party which encourages self reliance and reward. Man, we're SMART but not THAT smart!! We're supposed to wake up minorities AND run? can't do it. If they haven't learned by NOW....!!

I'm shamefacedly blogging here anonymously because I have a thriving blog and I get ENOUGH leftist idiocy just watching ALL the networks, 90% of the cable channels, and reading all the big city papers.....I have not developed a blog to read more of this ridiculous information aimed to insult with nutty, unfounded information but really only showing bias and a lack of integrity.

By the way, I DO live in LA and our mayor IS a 'shoe shine boy', nothing better. He has been polishing the shoes of ANY Leftist whom he thinks can get him a bigger job since the day he took office. He's detested here except by his sycophants. That's the truth. EVEN the LA TIMES is doing nothing but complain about how this guy's done nothing. I'd say SHOE SHINE BOY is a euphemism, frankly. Good for Rush! I don't listen to him much, thanks for the laugh, he IS good, I forget sometimes!!!

Regarding Republicans and faith? You should educate yourself to how very many Jews are now joining the Republican party. They're FINALLY losing that "underdog mentality" that the left LOVES to play on!! Cracks me up! Yes, one Jew from LA, a friend of ours, raised more money than anyone in the state for Giuliani. YOu can take that to the bank. (by the way, the Hollywood Group, Friends of Abe, all conservatives, started last year with 200 secret meeters and it's now 2500 and full of some pretty big names like Kelsey Grammar, Gary Cenise and Patricia Heaton, etcetc...even THEY're finally waking up!!)

ALL my Mexican friends have been here one and two generations and they are ALL REPUBLICANS, by the way. ALL. They tell me they didn't come here to see their success chipped at by those who won't work. WE ALL HELP the poor and needy, we ALL of us do wonderful work with people who need help, and we contribute money, but we don't believe in robbing the successsful to support those who won't work.

Martin Luther King was a Republican, he got it...he understood. The KKK was started by Democrats and Robt Byrd was a recruitor...but the media 'forgets' that, don't they (he's a liberal, remember?)

That YOU are suffering under the delusions that your media and professors and KOS and Moveon have taught you is YOUR PROBLEM. Sadly, it's now THE COUNTRY'S PROBLEM.

ANYBODY who doesn't read THE CASE AGAINST OBAMA before voting for him is STUPID (hate to be too rude but that's the only word I can think of in this application). Of course, just reading Obama's books (the one where they paid him to live on the beach to write...the one HE says publishers came to HIM, a young kid just out of college, to write his MEMOIRS!? WHAT" I'm a writer! THAT doesn't happen!!!!,. but the left believes him!)...read HIS BOOKS if you want to hear real racism. (I know you won't...you couldn't take the truth)

let me just apologize here and now that the RNC didn't have ENOUGH gays and lesbians at the convention! The ONLY (only) people I know who OUT politicians who are gay are LEFTIES so I'm sure this was a disappointment for you and your buddies. What is WITh the left which espouses OPEN MINDS and is the VERY FIRST to out people, to lie about people, to call a woman 'less than' because HER CHOICE is NOT to have an abortion!?

Well, I wish you the best...but, really, you have a LOT of reading and thinking to do before you can come comment and not appear QUITE this stupid.

I'm SO SORRY to Midnight Musings, I didn't mean to come off so angry and, yes, a litle insulting, to a commenter guest, but MAN, I coudn't HELP it, and it was SUCH fun.

(and SO easy!)

I won't be back, WILLIAM, so don't bother to respond .... just LEARN, that would be enough for me.

Pam said...

Thanks everybody and I mean everybody for your comments-even you William, and especially the anonymous commenter from LA. In regards to the mayor of LA, we aren't fans! My hispanic husband doesn't like liberal latinos any more than he likes liberal whites, so the comment by Rush Limbaugh made him laugh, however, it was taken out of context by those who are trying to use it against all Republicans.

I'm just so happy that my little Sunday outing to see Sarah last week has created some great conversation on my humble family blog!

Papa Frank said...

William -- the RNC was full of Americans. That is the only separation that conservatives make. Either you are American or not American. Only Democrats separate by race and sexual orientation as they want to determine which card to play at which time. As has already been pointed out here the Democrats are historically the party of racism. They were the slave owners. They founded the KKK and originally killed many white Republican politicians who stood alongside the blacks who were also being killed. The party who had the longest filibuster in history (a record that STILL stands today) was the Democrat party. They did this filibuster in an attempt to keep Republicans from voting for blacks to have the right to vote. Today they are STILL the party of slavery only now they enslave with a smile and a handout. Any government big enough to give you everything you want is also strong enough to take everything you have. Please learn a little history and have a little respect. As for the youth vote replacing the "old woman vote" -- FAT CHANCE!!! That's the thing about "old white christians" -- they are the most dedicated voting block in the entire country.

Anonymous said...

William said:

On the other side, the DNC convention 24% of the delegates are African American, 5% are Asian, 12% are Hispanic, 6% are gays and lesbians, 4% are disabled, and 3% are Native American.

I think the jury is still out on whether the DNC represents a greater cross section of America … or they simply garner support from among those beneficiaries of Marxist ideology. On the other hand, even if we assume that the GOP could do a better job of inclusion within some sectors, it defeats the purpose of having core beliefs if they are too easily set aside to accommodate others. Unlike many within the DNC, most conservatives do have principles that distinguish them from other voting blocks. For example, libertarians and republicans believe that the government has no business meddling in family matters. We think that in spite of the billions of dollars poured into education, the result is dismal.

We think that Charity is a Judeo-Christian obligation more than it is a government responsibility, who decides for us who gets it, and how much. And on the subject of religion, where do you think “values” come from? We think that parents raise their children, not villages. We think that everyone in this country has equal opportunity, and this stands in opposition to the DNC crowd who thinks that life is a series of do-overs for people who refuse to take advantage of opportunities.

I won’t defend anything that Rush Limbaugh says, but we know that Democratic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is unable to maintain his commitment to his wife and children. We also know that as a prominent leader in one of our largest cities, he is hardly a good example among Hispanics who have a very high percentage of single-parent families and divorce rates. This may not be important for William … but then, that simply reflects his liberal view that everything is really quite okay.

The “youth vote” may indeed cancel out votes among older Americans, but this too could be an indictment of socialist public schools. Before you begin leveling charges of racism, recall it isn’t John McCain who belongs to a black racist society, or subscribes to the Marxist theology shared by Louis Farrakhan; republicans have not enslaved black Americans to failed socialist policies. Loose cannon, indeed; a better-aimed cannon may be indicated.

Kimberly said...


A Note From Theresa said...

Some people just look for things to pick on people for. You did a great job in your response to anonymous.

William said...

Don't know if you'd ever read or hear of this on Fox News or Drudge but did anyone happen to see the two polls done by Pew Research and the BBC on world opinion of this election? Both polls where unanimous - 22 countries, including all our NATO allies want to see Obama elected president. What does that tell you about the conservative legacy of GW Bush? Colossal blunders in both domestic and foreign policy. America's image abroad suffering severely (not to mention the US dollar).
Conservatives knee jerk reaction to such polls is usually something like: "Good, all the more reason to vote for McCain." - The fear based isolationism of the Cold War era.

Physician and author Depak Chopra commented on these so called Conservative values:

Look at what she stands for:

* Small town values — a nostaligic return to simpler times disguises a denial of America’s global role, a return to petty, small-minded parochialism.

* Ignorance of world affairs — a repudiation of the need to repair America’s image abroad.

* Rigid stands on guns and abortion — a scornful repudiation that these issues can be negotiated with those who disagree.

* Patriotism — the usual fallback in a failed war plan.

* ”Reform” — an italicized term, since in addition to cleaning out corruption and excessive spending, one also throws out anyone who doesn’t fit your ideology.

That describes Palin perfectly. SHe is a Christain dominionist, probably like many of you. Dominionists seek control over secular civil government through political action — aiming either at a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law. They are dualists where no principles of democracy are sacred, all those who disagree are "against God" therefore evil.

Sarah Palin is a Christian dominionist. Believes all forms of birth control are immoral, believes the earth was created several thousand yrs ago, and wants to force all women who become raped and pregnant to bear their rapists child, even if the rape was incestuous.

Any VP should be qualified to be President. As Republican Seantor Chuck Hagel said:
“I think they ought to be just honest about it and stop the nonsense about, ‘I look out my window and I see Russia and so therefore I know something about Russia.’ That kind of thing is insulting to the American people. … She doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials. You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don’t know what you can say. You can’t say anything.”

A Note From Theresa said...

Pam, I made this post a link on my blog.

Jungle Mom said...

The world wants Obama??? They can have him! Are you even American, William?
And, um, I don't know if you have read any American history, but, we kinda were started by, you know, Christians.

Papa Frank said...

A poll of every enemy state that has fought the USA would desire Obama as well. Is that a good thing in your mind? In case you have never heard any speeches that come from the United Nations there are many who want us destroyed and most want to blame us for anything anywhere that goes wrong until THEY need help. Then they want money but none of our influence. Why do you think they want Obama? Do you think they suddenly want to see America be strong and succeed? Do they want us to have more influence or less? Open your eyes and look around, perhaps for the very first time.

William said...

Jungle Mom,
The U.S. Constitution is a secular document. It begins, "We the people," and contains no mention of "God" or "Christianity." Its only references to religion are exclusionary, such as, "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust" (Art. VI), and "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" (First Amendment). The presidential oath of office, the only oath detailed in the Constitution, does not contain the phrase "so help me God" or any requirement to swear on a bible (Art. II, Sec. 1, Clause 8). If we are a Christian nation, why doesn't our Constitution say so?

In 1797 America made a treaty with Tripoli, declaring that "the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." This reassurance to Islam was written under Washington's presidency, and approved UNANIMOUSLY by the Senate under John Adams.

If you want to believe that Christian principles like enslaving Africans, denying women the right to vote and committing genocide against Native Americans are "Christian Priniciples of our Fopunding Fathers" ... I won't argue with you.

Papa frank,
Thank you for submitting to us the old cold war mentality. Thanks for demonstrating the mindset based on fear of people who are different from you.

I guess you didn't get the fact that ALL of our NATO allies choose Obama overwhelmingly over McCain. in the poll I mentioned and linked.

Can you imagine the utter disappoint, lack of hope and and lack of confidence the world will experience with the election another Republican president?

Papa Frank said...

Answer me this -- Why does every single Constitution of every single state mention God then? There is not a single one that excludes Him.

Feel free to continue ignoring the fact that all enemy states choose Obama as well. By the way, what polls are you refering to that say all our NATO allies would choose Obama and who conducted these polls? Also, how many of our NATO "allies" sent help during hurricane Katrina? 9/11? The first bombing of the World Trade Center? Now during our economic crisis?

Maxine said...

I came over from Theresa's out of curiousity. Whenever there is a post about this election, folks do come out of the woodwork, don't they? Our country needs prayer like no other time in history, except perhaps immediately preceding the civil war. Some of us have not forgiven the wrongs which were committed in times past and some refuse to let racial issues die so that all can come together. I wonder what's at the root of that? I can tell you one thing: Christianity is not at the root of it.

Just to briefly mention the racial thing: I just discovered a website tonight: the National Black Republicans Association,where I found out that Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican and also found some very interesting facts about the Republican party vs. the Democratic party with regard to black issues. This background info is not too well known, but I'm going to make it my business to make it better known among my relatives and friends.

And by the way. I'm old and in touch with what's going on today, and I don't like much of it.

Oh, and again by the way, I'm a black conservative who loves God and country. Oh, and by the way again, my children are young black conservatives who are very in touch with the world. And we have a few friends of varying ages who are old and young black conservatives who are very much in touch with the world. You may not see us as much--we don't make as much noise as some, but we'll be voting.

Jungle Mom said...

Duh!Of course I have read the Constitution!
I said the country was 'started by Christians' who were wise enough to not want a State approved religion. We did not want it then nor do we now. However, our heritage is completely based on judeo-christian morals. We only want the freedom to worship and we want that freedom guaranteed for others. BUT as soon as you infringe upon my freedom, you have over stepped your bounds!
I have ceased to be amazed at the level of hate coming from the left. I have centrist friends who were leaning towards voting for Obama but have decided they can not do so because of the level of hate coming from that camp. You are proof of that!

William said...

All state constitutions mention god, but as you should know, every culture has it's 'god'. None refer specifically to Christ or Jesus. Intolerance of religious beliefs different from one's own can be claimed as a leading cause of conflict in humanity.

The poll was conducted by the BBC - a total 22,531 citizens were polled in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE and the UK.

A similar poll was conducted by Pew research with similar results.

Also, Hispanic registered voters support Democrat Barack Obama for president over Republican John McCain by 66% to 23%, according to a nationwide survey of 2,015 Latinos conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center,

I don't hate anyone. I do hate bigotry and ignorance. The truth, awareness and a world view is what this country needs. Look at this commenter papa... sees the world as the US vs all enemy nations. What we need is a world partnership to fight terror, not more enemies and isolationist small minded people.

Sorry to shake up your little community here.

Papa Frank said...

I do not see the US against all enemy nations. What I do see is that there are clearly those who hate America and seek to do her harm. You choose to stick your head in the sand and ignore that fact even as you ignore that the Democratic Party legacy is one of racism and hate. If you truly hate bigotry and ignorance then why will you not criticize the party that has such a legacy?

Papa Frank said...

Or do you simply ignore history and its lessons?

William said...

Time to come into the 21st century.
The Democratic party of George Wallace was never the same after John Kennedy. Just as the Republican Party changed forever under the abuses of power and incompetence of GW Bush. You sound fearful, and that is the tool that has been used to manipulate you. If you really were concerned with terrorism you'd remember what Bill Clinton said in 2004 that rings true today:

"we live in an interdependent world in which we cannot possibly kill, jail or occupy all of our potential adversaries. So we have to both fight terror and
build a world with more partners and fewer terrorists."

If you can't see the truth in this statement, you are living in an outdated reality.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that quote in Bill Clinton's book, "How I saved my Countrymen from Terrorists." The book is significant because it is the shortest book ever written.

Anonymous said...

Yea? On who's watch did 9/11 happen? ...After Bush received 40 specific warnings and went on vacation... for a month? The great protector. Read and learn, it's an indelible part of our history.

Jungle Mom said...

of course, Bill Clinton, knew nothing of the terrorism and the many acts inflected on Americans around the world during his watch...being a Democrat he was ignorant to the fact.
(William, or is it Kepler??????)

Anonymous said...

William, you quote DEEPOK CHOPRA and take HIM for YOUR gospel!? This is almost hilarious by now!

By the way, 2 days after the BIG BERLIN speech (what a joke! the HUBRIS of your guy!!!? Weren't you embarrassed, most of America was!), German opinion pages were rife with "EMPTY SUIT" and "MARXIST" "Why was he HERE and imagine if one of OUR candidates wanted to speak at the Lincoln Memorial!??? HAHA!"...but you didn't hear that. Sorry,but I read the German press. I know, the truth is like a cross to vampire when it comes to the left.

You're being LIED to, WILLIAM. Your posts are THE most "silly leftist talking points" posts I HAVE EVER read..CONGRATULATIONS!

Then you're only outdone by the other "ANONYMOUS" who doesn't understand that 9/11 plans don't take 9 months to figure out! OH, and I GUESS Bush was supposed to say "Okay, we're closing all airports indefinitely..maybe permanently, because there MIGHT be a threat to this country with AIRPLANES!" You can't make the left's idiocy up, can you!

It's like blaming Bush for this crisis when he was asking for government oversight FIVE years ago and McCain's on record for warning us about Freddie and fannie THREE years ago. Pelosi "It's BUSH'S FAULT! And the Republicans are UNPATRIOTIC!" (Wait, I thought the Dems didn't like PATRIOTIC being used to attack?)
Have you not SEEN the videos of Democrats telling Republicans not to worry about Fanny and Freddie.."if it ain't broke, don't fix it", I believe Dem. Maxine Waters said? And she's only the tip of the iceberg!!

"BLAME REPUBLICANS!......Americans will hear the lies but aren't intellectually curious enough to find the truth anymore!!!"

I can't blame the leftists, though, folks; THEY DON'T GET THE NEWS, they get far left opinion....on networks, CNN, CNBC, newspapers, NPR, PBS..etc etc etc.

If you don't have discerning thinking skills created by curiosity to know the truth instead of just HATE for hate's sake, you can get confused.

My condolences.

Stick around, you might learn something here.

Papa Frank said...

Do you not remember the first attack on the World Trade Center, the attack on the USS Cole, the bombing of our embassy? All of these things happened on the watch of Bill Clinton and he did absolutely nothing. That is what paved the way for 9/11.

Brooke said...

Uh-oh... Looks like Barry had more than just a hand in the Freddie/Fannie pot:

OBAMA’S LEGAL CAREER | He was ’smart, innovative, relentless,’ and he mostly let other lawyers do the talking

December 17, 2007

BY ABDON M. PALLASCH Political Reporter/apallasch@suntimes.com

The oratorical skills White House hopeful Barack Obama has shown on the stump — and in his “There’s not a black America and white America … there’s the United States of America” speech — would seem to make him a natural for wowing juries.

So why did Obama never make impassioned speeches in court when he returned to Chicago from Harvard Law School in the early ’90s to, as his Web site says, “practice as a civil rights lawyer”?

A review of the cases Obama worked on during his brief legal career shows he played the “strong, silent type” in court, introducing himself and his client, then stepping aside to let other lawyers do the talking…

[After praising Obama for suing on behalf of ACORN for Motor Voter, the following is cited as another of his brilliant victorie:]

Fought red-lining

Obama represented Calvin Roberson in a 1994 lawsuit against Citibank, charging the bank systematically denied mortgages to African-American applicants and others from minority neighborhoods.

“I don’t recall him ever standing up and giving an impassioned speech — it was a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff,” said Fay Clayton, the lead lawyer on the case.

“He was the very junior lawyer in that case,” said attorney Robert Kriss. “He had just graduated from law school. I don’t recall him being in court at any time I was there. I was the lead lawyer for Citibank and he was not very visible to me.”

Kriss, Clayton and every other co-counsel and opposing counsel interviewed for this story praised Obama’s legal ability, temperament and everything about his courtroom demeanor, even though, they agree, he didn’t say much in the courtroom. Many are now donors to his campaign.

On Feb. 23, 1995, Obama billed 2 hours and 50 minutes for an appearance before Judge Ruben Castillo on behalf of his client, and also for reviewing some documents in advance of a deposition. That cost Citibank — which ultimately had to pay the winning side’s fees — $467 at Obama’s hourly rate of $165.

Miner commanded the higher rate of $285 an hour. During his appearance before the judge, Obama said he would need more time to file a response to a motion, and the judge agreed. That was all Obama said during the half-hour hearing.

His final bill on the case was 138 hours, or $23,000…

Later Obama is the #2 recipient of money from Fannie/Freddie, who bought many of those now worthless mortgages... But he's as pure as the driven snow. Yeah.

Elmers Brother said...

Obama said in a speech the other day that the economic fundamentals of this country was strong. Where's the press excoriating Obama like they did McCain for that statement?

Anonymous said...

Yes the German Newspaper Der Spiegal said after the Obama Berlin speech:

No. 44 Has Spoken

"Barack Obama is a passionate politician who is fixated on -- and takes very seriously -- his desire for a better world. ... For those who witnessed his appearance in Berlin, it is hard to imagine that John McCain has any chance.

Europe is witnessing the 44th president of the United States during this trip. In the inner circles of Angela Merkel's Chancellery, he is reportedly seen as a pleasant person, one who arouses curiosity.

George W. Bush is yesterday, the Texas version of the arrogant world power. Obama is all about today ..."

Anonymous said...

Post debate Quinnipiac Polls are out:

OBAMA IS CRUSHING MCCAIN in Battleground states.

Obama +8 in FL
Obama +8 in OH
Obama +15 in PA

Anonymous said...

Sorry, correct link to story in Der Spiegal

Brooke said...

Funny... Those numbers are reminiscent of Kerry's polling numbers...

Anonymous said...

False, the Oct 1 Gallup USA Today poll of 2004 had Kerry and tied 49-49 and later polls in Oct showed a clear Bush edge. Today, that is not the case. Even the odds makers at Intrade are projecting a huge Obama electoral win.

Somewhere between 306-232 (average odds) or 338-200 (with leaning states).

Which way is McCain going? down!

William said...

Pollster: A McCain comeback from this far behind would be unprecedented

Quinnipiac University :

"It is difficult to find a modern competitive presidential race that has swung so dramatically, so quickly and so sharply this late in the campaign. In the last 20 days, Sen. Barack Obama has gone from seven points down to eight points up in Florida, while widening his leads to eight points in Ohio and 15 points in Pennsylvania. Sen. John McCain has his work cut out for him if he is to win the presidency and there does not appear to be a role model for such a comeback in the last half century."

-- Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Obama is CRUSHING McCain in 3 crucial battleground states:
Obama +8 in FL
Obama +8 in OH
Obama +15 in PA

FL and OH are MUST-WIN states for McCain

snowball, napoleon & squeeler said...

Billy, Billy, Billy...

The only reason the pigs are running towards Obama now is that he's promised to put more slop in their trough. Once they realize he's serving up bacon, they'll come back 'round. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Man william has a grudge i thought BLOGGING WAS FOR FUN WILLIAM! Apparantly and brush up on politics.
oh by the way this is a new Aninymous.

Anonymous said...

um sorry about that one comment i was in a hurry haha oh well i misspelled some stuff.

Shane Rios said...

i agree with that last anonymous william has a grudge.

Jungle Mom said...

You know they are desperate when they start repeating them self. And citing German papers...

Anonymous said...

Jm, it's worse when they quote only those papers who showed mild curiosity in the Messi-duh.

Die Welt and others woke up 3 days after the BIG HERO TALKED and reminded themselves that he is an "empty suit" (yes, they have that expression there, too) and worse. There are also TONS of articles about the HUBRIS of coming to their country to campaign...asking Americans "How would you feel if OUR candidates came to the Lincoln Memorial to campaign?" when you put it that way, it's SO STUPID of Obama, ISN'T IT? Typical. THE GREEK HERO!!??

The German media's more honest than ours is, calling things for what they are (my first instinct was to type "a spade a spade", but you know I can't here because we're SO PC), and has outlined his plans and wonder why our media won't admit he's a Marxist!
We don't hear that here,even..no news from Europe about America unless it's BAD news or GOOD NEWS about THEIR GUY OBAMA!

Ya...the German media's the wrong group to quote as being in the bag for Obama. They are curious, they never understood Bush's 'cowboy' thing, but they are NOT in the bag for Obama...TRUST me!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, saw this rally on the evening news! Woo-Hoo!

Kristi said...

Wow, Pam, you right winged people sure do know how to stir up trouble! HEHE I'm kidding. I'm so right winged I go in circles when I fly. LOL

Republican Chick

Anonymous said...

The German media's more honest than ours - that's why they HATE Bush... like the rest of the world. What a disaster.

~~Deby said...

"say it ain't so Joe"...doggone it...
a favorite line of mine from the debate...you go Sarah !!!!
and btw O'Reilly blew Senator Frank out of the water too....he knowingly recommend the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as healthy investments in July.....liar....now come on..
you know why they call us FAR Right....
We are RIGHT !!!!
Thought I would up your numbers here Pam....and the debate just finished a bit ago.

Rebecca said...

Amen! You tell 'em Pam! Way to stand up! I've been out of touch for a few days and have missed this. I totally agree. Since when did it become a sin to be white, old or a Christian for that matter.

Rebecca said...

To William I say I am white, my husband is black/carribean/pacific islander and my daughter is hispanic. We are all republicans. And clearly the republicans represent more of Americans since they are the ones that have been in office the most in the past 40 years.