Thursday, September 18, 2008


Most of you know my hubby manages a great restaurant!
Look who else seems to like it!


Can you spot who is who in the photo?

Alright, I reluctantly tell you the truth now! The McCain's and friends ate in the Orlando location, not in the store where my hubby works. Oh well! I still thought it was neat when I found these photos on Meagen McCain's blog! Click below to see more photos from this O.G visit.


Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, first you shake his hand, then you get personal pictures in your husband's restaurant! Now, you spill the beans and I'm all sad for you that it wasn't really your location. I was so excited cuz you like famous people, hehe.

I was once on a local tv show, do I count as famous?

Jungle Mom said...

You got me!

MightyMom said...

we love Olive Garden too!

thanks for stopping by my place! Come on back, yup it's me in the pool with the young'uns. I've gotten flack for being fully dressed in the pool...but come on, I live in TEXAS, it was H..O..T. ;-)

¡Ludicrious! said...

Haha! You had me going!! xD

Nanny said...

Hey Pam,his is Janice Birt, Kristi's mom. I'am Happymama's mom.
I just read your blog and it was great.
Kristi is here cleaning house for me and she was telling me about you and so I got on and read your blog about your husband's rest.
The pic's are great and I loved your story until the end.
You really had me going.
I yelled for Kristi to come and look at the guest that was in your husbands rest. and then read that they were at another Olive Garden.
They were good any way.
Glad to have read your blog and I will be back.
Love in Christ,
Janice from Maw Maw's House.

Liz said...

I also fell for it!! hehehe.
Saludos from caracas!!