Thursday, September 04, 2008

Third Installation of Vacation Photos from July

Before my actual post, let me start off by stating why I haven't been blogging this week. There are two reasons actually.
1) My computer had a little glitch which is now worked out, praise the Lord!
2)When it comes to political conventions, I'm a "gavel-to-gavel" gal!! Meaning I watch as much as I can of each convention from the sound of the opening gavel the first day to the closing gavel on the last night! During the day, I enjoy watching focus groups and sessions which meet in various venues around the host city. Wednesday afternoon had a great session with former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, former US Treasurer, and three other strong GOP women. The purpose of their meeting was to stand up to the liberal media concerning their biased treatment of Gov. Sarah Palin. I LOVED IT! THANKS C-SPAN FOR MAKING THAT POSSIBLE!!! I sometimes wander away from C-SPAN and listen to all the talking heads on the other cable news channels. It makes me feel like I'm in the mix of things! I guess my life's dream right now would be to attend the Republican National Convention someday!

So how was your week? I'll be making my rounds tomorrow to check up on all my bloggy friends. I've missed you for sure!

Many of you probably won't find all these photos very interesting; but I have family members who will enjoy them. So bear with me please!

I must say, this trip was really BIG for me! I hadn't been to West Virginia in 5 years. I anticipated this trip as a small child anticipates Christmas morning! It's almost as though I transition back to my childhood while there, amongst such loving relatives. I love all the attention, food, love, activities!!!

Uncle Ray with Shane.

Day Two - We arrived at Tara's home in the early afternoon. Lots of good food! A buffet of sandwich yummies. pot of pinto beans, pan of cornbread, and a most delicious pineapple-7-up cake!

I fell in love with the view looking out of my cousin Tara's dining room window.

This is her front yard. Click to enlarge. Look out over the mountians!

Mom with her sister Carol.

Part of Tara's back yard.
We left Tara's that evening and headed for the "holler" (hollow) where most of mom's family live. Some of dad's relatives live on the same holler. We passed through the town of Welch. My first born was born here in 1987.
Some of the older homes on the mountain side are seen in this shot. As we drove this route, it was as though time had stood still. I remember seeing these homes from my childhood trips. We are near coal mining territory. We passed through many rural, rustic small towns.

The highway from Princeton/Bluefield area we traveled on for nearly two hours. Click to enlarge this photo as well. NOTICE the rocks jutting right out of the cut away mountain.

We've now turned off the highway onto one of the hollows. This was the home of my parent's favorite teacher, Rosy Steele. Mom tells how she was always embarrassed by her freckles as a child. Mrs. Steele took her aside and told her how pretty she thought mom's freckles were! Mom says it has meant so much to her through the years. Rosy lived until recently. She had to have been well into her nineties. Every time we came to W. Va. for a visit, I remember mom saying, "Right up there is where my teacher Rosy Steele lives." This was my first time back since Miss Steele's death.
Whew! Ok - we've driven off one hollow and onto another. Both follow named creeks. In this photo, we are "descending" down Uncle Clarence's driveway. His house is out of the photo, but you can see my cousin Teresa's pretty home. This photo isn't really showing you just how steep this driveway is. GOOD GRAVY! How do these people maneuver these driveways during the icy winters? I was clutching and squinting in fear even in summer!

I'm fascinated with the lay of the land here. You see a mountain, then where it bottoms out, you have enough land to build a home on, then there's a creek, the hollow and another mountain. As a Florida girl, accustomed to flat, open space, I can feel somewhat claustrophobic and closed in when visiting. Usually though, I have a sense of security; as if I'm all "tucked in".


Mrs. H said...

It's nice to have all that "pampering" when you visit family, isn't it? Your pics are great. Loved the favorite teacher story, too.


Pat said...

Love it!!

I love the mountains....and family is a wealth of knowlege and history!!

What a blessing that you and your family got to "go back in time" to reminisce and enjoy relatives (and the country cookin!!

Pat said...

Well, forgot to mention my take on the RNC!!

How awesome was th espeech by Gov. Palin, as well as Sen. McCain last evening...

My take is that we will have an awesome Pres. and VP who do stand firm on the same principals and convictions we do!!

Janie said...

Wow! What pretty countryside! I love trees myself...can't get enough of them. How long did you go on vacation?

Penless Thoughts said...

I enjoyed your pictures of the beauty of the country side.

I'm a news junkie!!! I love hearing what everyone has to say and as you said, "feeling a little part of it".

Thanks for welcoming Sandra:o)