Friday, September 19, 2008

More Images From the Rally Last Tuesday

Photo of part of the crowd waiting to enter the hall where the McCain rally was held. I took it from the top of the stairs.

Georgianne and Shane with their signs!

I liked this guy's sign. He happily posed for this photo. Click to enlarge.

The poster we made for the rally. Thanks Susan for the idea!

On the stairs ahead of us, we found several friends!

(Rita, enlarge and see if you know any of them! OK I'll tell you! On the top center is Pastor Turner from Westgate with several of the highschool students. Toward the bottom are Reva and Vanessa.

Off to the side, not in the photo was Merv Uhl!

I want to share with you how the Lord supplied a great parking place for only $5.00! I drove by several lots which were charging $10.00 for parking. I kept driving, hoping to find something closer to the convention center. I didn't find one any closer really, but I did follow signs for "rally parking" which led us to a parking garage. They charged half the price others were charging. We did have to walk about half a mile, but the walk across the bridge from Harbor Island was beautiful and good for us. We were rejoicing that we were relatively close to our destination and that the Lord supplied the right people to point us in the right direction!

Also, once in the building, waiting in line, I found a couple of wonderful people to chat with. One Christian mom had her 5th grade daughter with her for the experience. We chatted freely about issues. When I mentioned that it felt so great to be surrounded by conservatives, she said, "I know. It's nice to feel so safe."

God is so good!


¡Ludicrious! said...

Ooo! Nice pics!

Verja-funnybunny said...

Here is my comment:

Nice post!

Verja-funnybunny said...

Yes. I saw Pastor Turner and Angela, Cory, Heather and um...I forget the others..

I wish I could have gone.


Pat said...

What an experience of a lifetime.

I hear Gov. Palin is in Central Florida somechere....wish it was W.C.

One commentator on politics this AM said all the people in Florida wer old and dead and that would be indicative of a win for the DEMS.
I felt like getting on my boxing gloves!! I refuse to be old, and don't think I am dead....nor are my friends!!

Jungle Mom said...

I found Pastor Turner, Vanessa and Grace. I'm sure there are more!

Jungle Mom said...

Joel, Omar, and Cory!!
(Does Omar not know he is obligated to vote Obama????)

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing more of this exciting time and for using my suggestion for the sign :o)

Pam said...

Rita and Jayde
Do y'all know Jay-Jay (Jason)? He was in the group and interviewed on camera by our local ABC or NBC channel. We saw him and a glimpse of Pastor Turner on the news that night. Jay Jay spoke very articulately, stating that the school group was there to "observe the political process."