Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Been A Hoot....

and a privilege hosting (inadvertently - lol) a lively debate on my blog! I've never broken over 30 comments but thanks to the political climate we find ourselves in, my post about attending a Sarah Palin rally really brought out some strong opinions and helped me break the 50 mark! Whoo-Hoo!

My hubby, son, and I would run to the laptop to check for any new comments each chance we've had over the past couple of days. We'd yell for the other if a new comment had been added!

I'm very happy I live in a country where we can debate our thoughts and concerns and I'm so appreciative that none of the commenters used vulgar language. What a blessing for me to "meet" so many intelligent, sharp, bright Americans who can articulate their values and beliefs so well as the various comments proved over the past 48 hours.

Now on to lighter things!

I don't think this will start a firestorm, but look who I spent this past Sunday with!


Ellie, Ron, Dad, Me, Aunt Donna

Front Row: Ellie, Ron, Dad, Aunt Donna

Second Row: Naomi, Josh, Mom, Me

This photo is especially for Jungle Mom! I'm sure she'll be happy to see her son and daughter in law were with us Sunday afternoon at Smyrna's Homecoming Dinner.

(Rita, doesn't dad look so much better than the last time you saw him? I think he was in the hospital bed when you saw him last.)

My Josh has been sick with a cold, so we drove over to Tampa last evening to take him ---SOME OF THIS. from HERE!!! We took SOME OF THIS for the rest of us. It was yummo! Unexpectedly, Jungle Mom's son and daughter in law dropped in and ate with us as well. Dear Rita, I hate to rub it in but I've seen your babies twice in one week! They look great and seem so very happy.

Now I'm off to read some great blogs which belong to some great commenters!

And to commemorate my post which gave me a record breaking number of comments, I leave you with this button to read!


Kristi said...

Looks like a great day with your family.

Your dad does actually look pretty good there. He's lost some weight too, hasn't he?

I hope your Josh is better soon. The sinus crud is going around here. Hannah is getting over it. I hope it passes right by the rest of us. lol

Well, you know that Olive Garden is not on my top ten list of favorite restaurants. BUT! Hubby and I are planning to go for their all you can eat pasta soon.


Jungle Mom said...

Ok, now I am even more jealous than when you shook hands with McCain or saw saw all my family!!!!

A Note From Theresa said...

I loved that pin when you sent it to me in Facebook. I laughed so hard my sides hurt!

I'm happy you got to spend some time with family. I hope your son Josh gets better soon.

MightyMom said...

ok, so I went back and started to read your 54 comments to see if anyone followed my link....DID YOU???

but reading the comments made me fear an explosion of my I stopped reading and instead wrapped my head with duct tape so all the pieces would stay in place.

glad you got some readers. bet your hits were off the charts!

Kopatopie said...

Wow, over 50 comments! I tried to read some but I got aggravated at liberals too quickly and stopped. xD
Silly democrats!

Sis. Julie said...

I was coming by and checking on comments on your last post too. You certainly had a lot of traffic on that one!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Such a lovely family! How great to get to spend time with them.