Monday, September 29, 2008

OH YES I DID.................



Too bad that big ol' mirror blocked her out of the picture. However, if you click to enlarge, I'm sure you'll be able to see "The First Dude" (Todd Palin) holding baby Trigg right up front there! (oh and his secret service dude looking out at the road ahead as well) Trust me, Sarah was standing at the front of the bus waving as they left the rally last Sunday. You can see her shoulder if you look really hard in the bus door's side window!

(Yes, Susan, I needed weights to keep me from floating! LOL)

I really wish I could write about my life experiences in a more "grown up" way, but the kid in me just has to come out at times. My bloggy friend Web has met many high profile people, but she doesn't gaggle on so. Maybe one day I'll be as sophisticated as she! Until that happens though, you'll just have to come on along with me for the ride!

We arrived at 'THE VILLAGES' around 2:30 Sunday afternoon, to find these!
GOLF BUGGIES GALORE! This is a small sampling of how many were out for the rally! Seeing so many golf carts made me ponder the thought:

"Do you have to be a republican to live in "The Villages"?

Main street was jammed pack! We were so excited though and didn't mind that we couldn't even get into the fenced in area where Sarah would take the stage. We were able to watch her on the big screen. Thankfully, the Lord supplied a shade tree for mom to stand under. Shane and I tried shading ourselves with the poster we had made. It read: "Vote for Trigg's Mommy!" The photos below tell the rest of the story!

Mom listening intently under her shade tree!

Can you tell Mom loves pink?! Click to enlarge photo for

a better look at the button she bought.

Some of the sights on Main Street in The Villages.

The theater marquee welcomes Sarah!

When leaving the rally and this guy stopped us at the corner, my heart leapt for joy, for I knew it signaled that the motorcade would be passing right in front of us.

That's when I yelled er, asked mom to put the car in park, I was getting out to take a photo. By the time I stepped up on the curb, mom was right beside me holding the poster we had made. Everyone on the street corners were taking a stance for good viewing of the Governor as she came by.


As soon as the nice officer allowed us to go, we followed the Straight Talk Express out of The Villages onto the county highway, where people were lined up for miles with signs of support for the McCain/Palin ticket!

What a day of excitement and pure joy! We now were on the road to Orlando to meet up with my aunts and cousin for a week in a resort! More to come about that later.


Penless Thoughts said...

Pam, I rushed right over!!!

"I really wish I could write about my life experiences in a more "grown up" way, but the kid in me just has to come out at times." No, no, no, a thousand times no!!!! It is that kid in you (and me!) that helps us enjoy and appreciate the things God has for us to the max. "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein." Mark 10:15 I think the Lord not only loves the "child" in
us but encourages it.

I would have just loved watching you, as much as seeing Palin!!!!! Oklahoma is not a "swing" state so we don't get much attention here.

Sis. Julie said...

I'm are hilarious...ROFLOL!! You remind me of a tween who caught a glimpse of Hannah Montana. Nothing wrong with it....don't think I am bashing you. I just love the way it brought out the little kid in you. I'm sure it was a real joy to be a part of. May we all have this kind of enthusiasm about the things we are passionate about.

Love you!!

Jungle Mom said...

I am officially pouting ....

Kopatopie said...

Wow! You get to meet, er, at least see cool people!

Anonymous said...

My parents live in the Villages. You ought to see their newspaper. It's truly a National Center for out of touch old people who think we're still in the Reagan years and have no clue about what is really happening in the world. Frankly, I've never seen anything like it... it's 99% white, of course. Unlike the rest of America, they're still building houses there. I'm not surprised Palin would get a warm reception in a place like this.

Jackie said...

*squealing with delight*
I have no words...except that I'm sooo jealous!! :-)

MightyMom said...

I don't know what's funnier....your giggling or Jungle Mom's pouting!

you know, Jungle Mom and I have decided we're separated twins....or something like that makes you and I practically sisters too right??

you crack me up!

keep giggling, it's the laughter that makes life fun!!


Ooooh, I do so wish I could have been there.

The morning that I heard that Sarah Palin was chosen by McCain to be his VP choice, I just had to call some of my Granddaughters to tell them. I was so excited to have a woman in politics that really stood for something.

I am so happy that you and your Mom got to go to the rally. What an experience. connie

The Merry Widow said...

Good pictures, Pam! And don't let grumpus anony mouse ruin your least yo aren't the Palin family. G*D bless them!


Rebecca said...

Man! Why can't she come over here to Germany! I'm pouting too!