Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Front Door!

What Your Front Door Says

You are bold, brave, and easily excited.

You are passionate about what you believe.

And you're never afraid to tell people exactly what you think.

You're picky and particular. It's sometimes hard to meet your standards.


Hi Friends!

Just checking in to let you know I'm still alive and kickin'! We've been busy getting our schedule tweaked to work for us as we have resumed our homeschooling with Shane. He started 5th grade this year and we've had so much fun so far! Today's lesson in Heritage Studies, comparing Capitalism to Socialism, was very timely, I thought, considering the political/election climate in which we find ourselves. The picture on the chapter cover sheet showed a family playing Monopoly. At Shane's suggestion, we pulled out the old Monopoly gameboard to find out which one of us made the best capitalist. Well, Shane! He whipped me!

His text book gave a history of the famous board game that I'd like to share with you. I never realized what a "folk" game it really is. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we did!


(The following is taken from "Doors of Opportunity" Heritage Studies for Christian Schools Second Edition, Bob Jones University Press.)

Do you know how to play the game Monopoly? Players buy property and try to improve it, collecting money from renters and paying taxes. The game teaches, among other things, that you have to pay more taxes when you own more land and that is easy to be ruined by overspending.

The game of Monopoly is something like the real business of buying and selling. People buy property they think will be valuable. They sell property when they need money or when they can make a profit. A profit is an amount that is more than the original cost of something. For example, if you buy a used bicycle for ten dollars and spend five dollars to fix it up and then sell it for twenty dollars, you make a profit of five dollars.



The game that became Monopoly was probably invented by Elizabeth Magie Phillips, a woman who wanted to teach children that it was wrong to try to own everything. She called her game The Landlord's Game and had it patented in 1904.

But since The Landlord's Game was never packaged for sale, people in the area who played the game began to make up their own rules and to change some of the names of the places. And they called it Monopoly. Then others, especially college students going home on breaks, took the game to other states. Dan Layman took his new pastime to Indiana. There he made many changes and called the game Finance.

An Indiana woman took the game of Finance to New Jersey, where she and her friends named places on the board after places in Atlantic City---places such as Boardwalk and Marvin Gardens. Then the game came into the hands of Philadelphian Charles Darrow, who made his own board and rules and sold the package to Parker Brothers, a large manufacturer of games and toys.

But the game was not Darrow's invention; it was a folk game that had grown out of Mrs. Phillip's idea. When Parker Brothers discovered Darrow's lie, the company was already making a lot of money on the game. So the owners decided to buy out all other claims to Monopoly, including the original one. Mrs. Phillips got five hundred dollars for her rights to the game that became the world's most popular board game.


Missy said...

I did the door test. Mine was the same. Not going to post it on my blog this time though. Interesting to find out about Monopoly.

Mrs. C said...

Very interesting! I like how you and Shane added some fun to your learning time. :)

Jungle Mom said...

You are elegant, fashionable, and quite intimidating.
You wield a lot of power. And that's what scares people!
You are reserved and difficult to know.
Those who know you know that you are strong, consistent, and reliable.

I just think it would not show up dirt so much!!!!

Rancher said...

JM and I picked black. I own a lot of doors and have yet to actually paint one black though. Monopoly taught me to hate taxes, especially property taxes. What did we get for our taxes? A cop that sends you to jail for the crime of a bad dice roll.

Jackie said...

MJ had her baby today! Thought you would want to know that... :-)

Penless Thoughts said...

What Your Front Door Says

You are intriguing and charming.
People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.
You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.
You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.

This was mine.

Kristi said...

Justin collects monopoly games so the children are always playing one of them. I'll have to read this to them later.

I was the same as you on the front door test.


Jungle Mom said...

dear long lost sis,
I have tried calling several times when I am able...all I get is your voice mail...and your mailbox is full!At least I hear Shane's voice!
Love you guys! And am glad to hear of Dad's new hearing aides!

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, All is well hear!! I just called to chat.