Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Much Do You Know About the Olympics?

Here's a fun little quiz I found. Enjoy! Oh, the answers are posted at the end!

There are 28 sports in this summer’s Olympics.
1. How many sports were included in 1908?

The five Olympic rings represent Earth’s continents.
2. What do those colors represent on the Olympic flag?

Nearly 22,000 bearers carried the torch this year.
3. Which Olympics used the fewest torch bearers?

Citius, Altius, Fortius is the Olympic motto.
4. What do those Latin words mean?

Russian gymnast Larissa Latynina won 18 Olympic medals.
5. How many of that record number are gold medals?

Today, gold metals are actually made of gilded silver.
6. What was the last year they were made of solid gold?

Answers: 1: 22; 2: Colors in all nations’ flags; 3: 1980 Winter Games (52); 4: Faster, Higher, Stronger; 5: Nine; 6: 1912

I'm so obsessed with the Olympics right now. You may see me here a little more consistently after the closing ceremony this week end. Did anybody see Beach Volleyball dream duet, Misty May and Kerri Walsh whoop up on the Chinese on their home turf? We got the gold!!! The two women were so happy and emotional, jumping and giggling like little girls. So cute! they also took time out to send a shout out to Presdent Bush who had visited them earlier in the week on the sand, taking a lesson or two from them. I also just finished watching the USA women's indoor volleyball team sweep out Cuba in the semi finals!

Here are a few more photos from our road trip to the mountains last month.

A pretty rest stop in North Carolina!

Our first view of mountains in a few years! I think I took this photo in North Carolina.

You just don't see rocks jutting out of hillsides or mountainsides in Florida! I'm always intrigued by the topographical variances from state to state!

I just loved spending time looking at the different types of flowers and scenery at this rest stop. (The variety of the human type are my favorite! LOL)

Mom and Dad strike a pose!


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Thursday's Child said...

Thanks for the interesting facts. I'm not watching the Olympics at all. We didn't hook up dish. But the other night the Little Prince found them on a friend's tv. It was during the men's gymnastics floor routines and I thought he was going to come out of his skin. He was so excited and thought it was so neat. He kept saying, "Look! Look!"

Beautiful pictures and your parents don't look like they should have great-grandchildren. They look incredible!

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Jungle Mom said... been playing the lotto or something??
Have tried to call but never get anyone, trust all is well?

Penless Thoughts said...

We got to see the last bit of the second set of the volley ball last night. Really exciting. We haven't watched a lot but I did stay up LATE one night to watch the woman's gymnastics, my favorite!

Penless Thoughts said...

P. S.

I'm curious about the 3 lotto comments that link to the lotto!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I didn't know any of those answers....thanks for the trivia! I also love the olympics and did watch the beach volleyball match.....awesome! I am also hooked on the reg. volleyball too....did you see the mens game against Serbia...they rocked!

Pat said...

YES, Pam, I am surprised you have not heard us cheering all the way to your house!! Let's see, would our fave be, volleyball (beach ir team), or swimming or diving or gymnastics (their finale last night rocked!!)...hmmm....or the runners who hurdle, or badmitton OR HMMM....we do not have cable , so our viewing is limited...BUT WE HAVE BEEN VERY PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE ATHLETES ATTITUDES EVEN WITH SCORING WHEN WE WERE YELLING AT THE JUDGES...


BTW, we must get reaquainted when this is over!!LOL

Pat said...

One last thing---how precious are those pics of your parents!! And of course your other "flowers"

Ashley said...

WOW the first pic is my have!! It's sooo pretty with the flowers and everything...i like the angle you took it on too!! =D

MISS YOU!! I go to college in 6 days!(well 5 technically cuz its midnight lol) WOOHOO pray for me! LOL

Humble wife said...

COOL! I didn't know the trivia questions that you left!

Neat photos!!

Hey let Shane know he won the Pen of Jen Caption contest!!!YAY