Tuesday, August 05, 2008

DISCHARGED at 8:00 p.m.

Hey -thanks for those prayers for dad. He was discharged tonight around 8 p.m. with orders to follow up with his primary and his cardiologist. The tests results showed a "little" ischemia. (blockage to an artery) The nurse discharged per Doc's orders over the phone so we didn't get a lot of details. I'm sure when dad sees his docs, more questions will be answered.

Oh we did also learn that dad's triglycerides were super high-over 700!! He was prescribed a new med high in omega 3, however his diabetes doc had already told him to double his over the counter supplement of omega3. This new script must be something! We'll see.

For now, we're all so thankful for your prayers and care and that dad is home in his own bed tonight. I'm sure he is happiest of all for that last one!

Oh and one more thing which blessed us all. A gentleman was moved into dad's room about an hour before we found out dad was being discharged. Rita and her crew were with us visiting dad. The nurse had drawn the curtain so the new "roommate " could have his privacy. We tried to keep our banter down so the poor guy wouldn't regret having to room with this "preacher" beside him. About 5 minutes after my sister and crew left, a nurse entered to remove dad's IV and let us know he was being discharged. Agustin, Shane, and I decided to leave, giving dad more space and privacy to change, etc. for the trip home. (Normally dad is in a private room, but the cardiac floor was packed with patients. Dad waited 4 hours yesterday in the emergency holding bay, for the bed in the double room.) As I was leaving, I noticed the roommate reading his well worn BIBLE! My heart skipped a beat. I always get excited to find other Christians out and about! I asked politely, "Is that the Bible your reading?" He smiled up at me, a man about 35 or so, and replied "Yes it is."
"Oh that's wonderful! You and my father could have church tonight, but the preacher is being discharged!" He grinned, "Yeah the nurse told me I was going to have my own private chaplain here tonight."
"Well you are about to have some peace and quiet now. What's your name? I'll pray for you that all comes out well."
"Oh I'm going home tomorrow. They just want to observe me tonight due to my heart murmur."
He reached his hand out for me to shake. "I'm Glynn. What's your name?"
"Pam" I smiled. A few more words were exchanged, then my family took our leave.

I called mom a couple of hours later to make sure they were home safe. She shared with me how she and dad had a terrific visit with the new roommate while waiting on the final paper work for dad. Glynn was saved in prison! He has been in a Bible study with a local pastor here in Tampa, Dr. Hank Lindstrom. He asked dad questions about tithing and requested prayer for his unsaved 15 year old daughter. Tears were shed as he said over and over what a blessing it was to have been encouraged by this man of God! He plans on paying a visit to dad's church soon. He has been attending a little baptist church near the same neighborhood, but hasn't joined there yet. He said he has been growing spiritually since May of 2007.

I ask you - could this possibly have been the reason my dad was admitted into the hospital? Was it to encourage this dear man? Was this man admitted right before dad's discharge, so that my dad's spirit was also lifted? It's amazing to watch how God works!



I would say that it is very likely the way that God worked in that man's life and in your Dads. What a blessing!!! So glad your Dad got to go home. Hope and pray all goes according to God's will and purpose in your Dad's life. I am praying for you also. connie from Texas

Missy said...

Ok, I can't even type because I can't see. Reminds me of this chorus... it's just like Jesus to roll the stones away..." This has become one one choruses I sing daily and now one of my favorites.

Missy said...

Ok, I can't even type because I can't see. Reminds me of this chorus... it's just like Jesus to roll the stones away..." This has become one one choruses I sing daily and now one of my favorites.

Jane said...

What a wonderful blessing. I do believe in 'God-incidences'. Your Dad and Glynn were a blessing to each other and I imagine God was smiling.
Thanks for sharing this. We pray your father's health will continue to improve.

Webutante said...

How perceptive of you to get it that God always has wider, deeper reasons for making things happen the way they do that we can often not see until later. What a wonderful coincidence (and we know there are no coincidences!) So glad you're Dad is out of the hospital.

Deborah said...

I do believe that could be the reason! A man from my church was in hospital recently, and while he was there he led his room mate to the Lord. Isn't it wonderful that God can use every circumstance in our lives to bring glory to him? Those times when we don't understand the 'why' we just need to trust that our Lord has a purpose in all things. Amen!
Sorry, I haven't been by lately...I'm trying to catch up!

Carrie said...

Thanks for making me crying this morning. LOL. It is so amazing that God allows all kinds of things in our lives to be used by him for others.
I am praying for your Daddy and Glynn.
I hope you are having a great day.

Mishel said...

Thank you for the update on your Dad. I will continue to pray for him.

And the story about Glynn--what a blessing! I *love* when God does things like that! : )

**Also, I contacted LadyJane about your request.**


lady jane said...

Providence placed your dear father in the right room at the right time for the right purpose of encouraging Glynn. What a blessing.

Praying for your father's continued recovery, Pam.


P.S. I reinvited you. ;o)

Shane Rios said...

It made me happy when I heard.

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, Pam, that's terrific! I think He had His hand right in the thick of it. ;)

Penless Thoughts said...

Pam, my internet was down and I had no idea about your dad. Sorry I didn't know and could join you in prayer. I'm surprised you didn't post about it on the prayer blog.

Oh, I for one do not believe in "accidents" when it comes to God and His plans and purposes. What a wonderful plan & purpose this was with Glynn!!!

Pat said...

you know, God works in mysterious ways....we never see the reason sometime til the end of the journey....this was a ministry just for your Dad!!!

What a misson field we each have!!

Glad Dad is AOK!!

Praying for the JM clan!!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad your dad is better. Isn't it amazing how the Lord works things out?

Anonymous said...

Been praying each day for you.

As we know, all thing work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. What a great way for the Lord to turn a bad and scary time into a blessing!

Praise His Name Forever!


Hope your Dad is still doing well and you also. connie from texas

groovyoldlady said...

God certainly knows what He's about, don't He?

Glad for the good news all 'round!

~~Deby said...

oh Pam this has brought so much joy to my heart. I have really been praying for your dad..and now look how the Lord used this situation for HIS glory and to encourage another Christian...wooohoooo this cool or what?