Monday, August 25, 2008


What a shame! In this particular photo, you can't see the little peace sign pave she was wearing around her neck.
Are Ba*rack and Joe trading spouses?

I FOUND THE LINK BELOW QUITE INTERESTING! (see FIRST link below) I sure haven't heard about it in the main stream media. I may have simply missed that story, but hey, I sure have heard an awful lot about how well Miche*le O*ama dresses! I suppose that really is more important to the media than a man's true character. (sense the sarcasm!) I just don't get that one!

Ji*l B*den, (wife of Senator Joe Bid*n) looked classy and tailored Saturday when B*rack Hu*sein Ob*ma announced Joe as his running mate, but I am still puzzled why Michelle chose to wear what she did! Did anyone else see what she wore on Saturday? It just seemed like such a let down after hearing report upon report about her being able to wear anything and what a wonderful dresser she is! Can anyone help me here?? I just thought it looked as though the dress didn't fit her well and it looked CHEAP!! I'm not implying that inexpensive is bad. That is the best some of us can afford; but you know Miche**e can afford something classy and appropriate for special occasions. Maybe she wanted to be understated, to relate more to the regular people. Not that I'm a fashionista by any means!!! The dress just didn't seem at all what I think a possible first lady would want to be wearing during a huge announcement/love fest!! (see above photos) A full body photo would demonstrate better what I'm trying to get across here. Maybe the dress would have looked lovely on another body frame. Michelle wore flats and seemed all spindly legged.

To be fair, I have seen Michel*e dressed well, (as in her photo on the front of Ebony magazine), but 9 out of 10 times, when seeing her appear on T.V. - I've turned to my husband and asked, "Why is everybody talking about how she is another Jackie Kennedy in style and fashion?" I just don't get that "WOW" factor from her! I know it is what is on the inside that really counts, but when a woman is in the national spotlight and/or international spotlight in this case, you would think she would want a smart, elegant wardrobe. Once again, it may be her goal to simply come across as any ordinary mom and housewife.

I've edited this post several times in order to not come across mean spirited. That isn't my goal here. I just need some clarification about style and taste. I think I know a classy dresser when I see one. Am I really off base on this one? I really am puzzled and all this rambling is just my humble opinion of course. We know it truly is our inside beauty that counts!


THEN AGAIN, THAT CINDY McCAIN SURE KNOWS HOW TO DRESS! (my fingers are crossed and my prayer life is full)


To see a photo of the wives together, just click link below.,,20220961,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines


Penless Thoughts said...

"Abstain from all appearance of evil." I Thessalonians 5:22

Jackie said...

I haven't seen enough of the mainstream media (thank goodness!!) to say either way. I don't like what she is wearing in that picture...but it's the first thing I've seen her in that I didn't like. Cindy McCain is GORGEOUS...and boy do I want her hubby to win!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I actually really do like the blouse, but I have not ever won any best-dressed awards so no one should take my fashion advice. My teen daughter would be the first to tell you that!! =) =) I agree that Cindy Mc Cain is beautiful and I could only wish to look like that. What really caught my eye, is that Trading Spouses picture. HaHa!! What???!!! Now THAT is awkward!!! =)

The Localmalcontent said...

Pam, I blew up the two Obam* photos of Michel*e, and honestly, I thought the same thing as you:
Cheap. Regular.

And in her position there, also "belittling".

Thanks for your visit to the LMC!
I'm adding your great blog to my "Right Here" blogs listings, Pam.

Pat said...

without pictures, one would think Jackie Kennedy was frumpy---She was so elegant and debonaire!!

Such comparison is soo ill founded!!

God help least Mrs. McCain knows how to dress, as do her daughters, and she knows when to speak (with confidence and knowlege) and when to hold her tongue!!

The trading spouses photo is worth a thousand words!!

You , mean spirited, Pam, NOOOOOOO..