Friday, August 15, 2008



Hi All! Just a quick note to rally all prayer warriors for my dad, Pastor Jack Riffe. He once again is being admitted into the hospital Friday for a heart procedure. He has had two major open heart surgeries in the past 9 years. 5 arteries were replaced in the first and three of those five were once again replaced in May of 2007 due to collapse. The cardiologist thinks possibly the 2 that weren't replaced again in 07 may be the ones with blockage now, causing the angina attacks. Dad spent 2 days in hospital just last week, and now has been told to report at 6 a.m. Friday morning. I've been spending more time than usual with my parents, trying to soak in each moment I can. This is all starting to wear on mom more than she will admit. Please pray for her as well. Thanks. I'll report on my blog later as to what takes place. As of Tuesday, cardiologist said he wasn't sure what he was going to do with dad as far as puttingin stints, etc. The 2 days in hospital last week were full of testing but no heart catherization was performed. Possibly a stint will open the collapsed veins again. That wasn't an option in the last two surgeries though. Dad was having chest pains while in the cardiologists office on Tues. Then while I was at his home Wednesday, he had what I thought was another heart attack. When he walked into the kitchen and proclaimed he had to call it quits. (the studying and preparing for service). He was breathless. The nitro pill took care of the pain, but dad was white as a sheet and sweated profusely. He had to give up studying for his Wed. night prayer meeting service and call a dear brother in the church to fill in for him. The Doc wanted to admit dad right away but dad insisted on being able to go to an appointment for his molds of his new high tech hearing aids! In one way, the Dr. agreed that was a better choice, as it would allow him time to set up for the catherization, etc. and dad wouldn't have to wait for all the paper work and red tape at admittance. Please remember us and be sure to check out my blog for updates.

Thanks so much. We know Dad is in God's hands!


Here's Mom, Dad, Agustin, and Shane, We packed a cooler with yummy sandwiches and fruit! I always think food tastes so much better at a picnic setting!! After lunch, I walked several laps around the entire rest area! Yea Me!

YUM! See the turkey, cheese, lettuce, mayo and red tomato? And boy was that Diet Coke so very cold! I usually drink water, so this Coke was a treat!

Some of our northern Florida flatland as seen while speeding by on I-75!

Dad and Shane watching a war movie on the laptop in the backseat. They made many special memories on this trip.

Dad making his way to the car after a good night's sleep in Charlotte, N.C. I thought it was so endearing that he got to carry "Buddy Bear", Shane's sleeping partner, who incidently got left in West Virginia!


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Rebecca said...

Prayers sent. Love the pics!

Thursday's Child said...

Praying for your dad, Pam. I hope all goes well for him and your mom.

Enjoyed the pics. Make that diet Coke a regular Dr. Pepper and I'd be in heaven. LOL

Mrs. C said...

Your family is in my prayers.


Ashley said...

I'm definitely praying for Grandpa Riffe! Lord's will be done!! I'm just glad you're spending time with them both. I know that means alot to them. =)

AWWW Shaneypoo's bear is in Virginia?!?!? AWWWW

Baptist Girl said...

Dear Pam,
My prayers are with your dad and family.


Candy said...

Dear Pam, I just lifted your Dad in prayer and will continue to remember you all. God is in control.
Love Candy

p.s. The mommy in me is wondering about Buddy bear and wondering if you can telephone the place it was left at and ask them if they would mind mailing it to you?

crazy4danes said...

Prayers are being sent! I hope all goes well for your Dad today!

The vacation pics were great! Looks like you guys had fun together and made great memories! :)

Lori said...

Pam I am praying for your dad.
I hope he is feeling better soon.

Looks like you had a good trip. The pics were fu nto see.