Friday, August 29, 2008

Ode to the Backyard Clothesline

Check out this lesson which is a free download for this week only! It has many helpful hints such as:
Use the wide end of the ironing board to iron dress shirts! I had never heard that before, but the photo examples show how much sense that tip makes. There are many other helpful hints and photo illustrations. I think I enjoyed this lesson because of the "old timey" feeling to it. Go ahead, check it out. Its a fun read!


Oh and I just found this photo OVER HERE

Senator Lindsey Graham holding an Olive Garden button with his name on it! If you've read my blog much, you'll know why I thought this was so neat!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know why you would love that Olive Garden button!! I LOVE Olive Garden, but I do get my husband's discount at Wal Mart so I can use some of my savings to eat there!! =)

That was a really neat Laundry Lesson... I loved the old fashioned feel, too. It made me want to re-cover my sorry ironing board!! =)

Candy said...

I loved that laundry lesson too. Where do you find out, can you give me the web address to her site?