Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'Tis The Season...

...for politics!

I know! I know! Many of you are sick of all the negativity that goes along with it already! Be not dismayed-it will be over, for the most part, on November 4th.

I'm very proud to be an American, but after hearing so many negative talking points about this great nation, one would think we are living in a third world country! After Hil*ary's speech last night at the D.N.C., Brit Hume mused that one would think we were living in Belarus or some such place!

Before clicking away from this post, let me compel you to read on.

While trying to stay away from too much political speak on my blog, I do think it important to include a few interesting tid-bits now and then to express myself and my worldview. I believe that many Americans are neglecting their role of being involved citizens. There is a possibility one may read the following information, and realize they aren't getting all the information they need from the main stream media. Let's be sure to read up on issues and not simply cast our vote for someone because of a short soundbite we may have heard on the news or radio. I encourage you to be certain you are educated about what is at stake for our country. If you're a Christian, let the Holy Spirit guide and direct you as you prepare yourself for November 4th.

I'm sure that if you've read my blog enough, you KNOW that I am a proud conservative. Above that, I'm a child of God and believe firmly in the Bible. Therefore, I base my voting choices on how they line up with the Bible. That being said, I am watching the Democratic National Convention. (oh-boy, you should try sitting on the couch beside me for that show!) I've been amazed at how they are trying to portray themselves as being so compassionate while insisting that it's good logic to murder babies. (abortion) Where is the compassion in that?

I've been much in prayer for both candidates and their families. More importantly, I've been spending much time in prayer for our country, my America. I'm thankful to be an American, but where is my country heading? I don't like many of the paths that are forming.
Most times, it seems a Biblical worldview is a thing of the past. But it isn't!! Praise the Lord, there are still many, many American citizens who love God and His Word. Many men and women are still willing to sacrifice and fight to preserve our great land. Many parents are training their children in the Word, so that one day they may have the torch passed onto them to stand for what is good and moral.

To read up on topics discussed at THE DNC THIS WEEK, such as:

1)Not-S0-Rare Abortion
2)Planned Parent Hood passing out con*doms in bright magenta colored matchbooks with 10 slogans, one of which reads: "PROTECT YOURSELF FROM JOHN McCAIN"
(How tacky is that?)
3)Gay Activists Unveil Strategy-quote: "The Republican party is full of a bunch of bigots..." yada, yada, yada." (But oh how they accuse conservatives of HATE SPEECH if we say label anyone with such strong language!)

I urge you to please read the entire article at the link below:
(The Democratic Convention Notebook is a resource made available by
Here is another site I'd love for you to visit:



Jungle Mom said...

You go girl!

Pam said...

LOL I was just editing it when your comment came through!

Tropical Mexican said...

Great job of staying informed on both sides of things!

Because we live in this wonderful nation, we can express our opinions freely, like you just did.

And while finding another conservative seems as random as meeting a person and finding out you both crossed through a small town on 7/6/79 at 2:37 PM, I still think being a conservative is cool!

I too am watching the DNC.

Pat said...

or should it be HEAR HEAR!!!!

You are right on!!

We MUST be informed....we must question the motives and reasons we can support a candidatesand exercise that freedom to vote!!

How sad such a free nation has stooped to such depths!!

Mrs. C said...

Nothing like getting your blood pressure to go through the roof!

Candy said...

I couldnt agree more! The same goes for Canada too!!!!

Praying McCain wins otherwise I worry what Obama will do to your country (he plans on taxing the big corporations so people think they wont get taxed..but what do they think the corporations will do if they get taxed? They will cut jobs!!! There goes your USA economy!!! Why dont democrates see that! And in turn, that will affect my country, Canada because we do a lot of business with the States) Obama is simply not experienced.

My 2 cents :)