Thursday, August 09, 2007

Odds and Ends!

Kelli is hosting her weekly Show and Tell again this week. Click on over and join in on the fun!

For Show & Tell this week, I thought I would show you our friendly neighborhood peacock! Isn't he/she a beauty?

One day last year, I heard a strange sound coming from our back patio. It sounded as though someone was scratching at our sliding glass doors! I opened the blinds and much to my amazement, this beautiful peacock was there staring at me. I called Agustin and Shane to come take a look.

I said, "Let's feed it so it will come back another day!" "What can we feed it?"

Agustin suggested a corn tortilla since birds like grains. He ran and got one, then proceeded to tear it into small pieces. The peacock actually ate some of it! And I'm happy to say that Mr./Mrs. Peacock has visited us many times since then. Nobody seems to know who owns this beautiful bird, but it is always a pleasant surprise to find it tolling around in our neighborhood, especially our backyard!
Now I'm changing gears a bit!

Sunday after church, I'll be leaving town for a week's vacation in Pompano Beach. It is to be a GIRLIE vacation! No men allowed! My aunt has invited all of her sisters and nieces down to enjoy the amenities at her timeshare, and hopefully to enjoy each other. "Each other" will be my favorite part, but I may sneak in one of those Swedish Massages!

Anyway, I'm telling you all this to let you know that I probably won't be blogging during the next week unless I play a Susan, from over at Penless Writer, and sneak around at night to find a computer to post and blog on!! (Susan was up blogging in the middle of the night, in her hotel business center while on her vacation!) Love Ya' Susan!

Have a super weekend.
Lots of Love,

OKAY, not finished yet!

I thought I'd end this post with a joke. First, think about this. How will you be remembered by your hubby if you pass on first? *winks*

As with many funerals, it was a cloudy, rainy day. The deceased was a little old lady who had devoted her entire married life to fussing at her poor husband. When the graveside service had no more than terminated, there was a tremendous burst of thunder accompanied by a distant lightning bolt and more rumbling thunder. The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, 'Well, she's there.'


jennifer said...

I am rolling! The joke is cute! I love the tortillas and how fun of a guest that visits on the porch!

Please be like Susan, have a great time but sneak in a post!!

Ruth said...

Now, that is a neat yard guest!! I've had a lot of things in my backyard, but not a peacock!! Have a great trip. You will be missed...but I bet you DO find a computer at least mid-week. I'm sure the addiction will be too strong to avoid. LOL!! Have fun!!

Missy said...

Ok, I have to tell you this. It is a Mr. Peacock. How could I tell, he has a blue neck and the pretty peacock feathers. Females are gray and not as pretty as the males. If you get a chance to go by Carrollwood day school-CDS (which is on Orange Grove Drive, take Fletcher Ave towards Dale Mabry, the last traffic light before Dale Mabry is Orange Grove, turn left and just past CountryWoods apartments is CDS)there are a whole bunch there. I think they even have a peacock crossing sign- the school is on the left and their soccer field is on the right and they like to hang out in that neighborhood and the wander close to dark. Have a great time on vacation. Excited to see you Sunday. I will be blogging today!!

Miss Eagle said...

Oh, dear. About 20 years ago, we lived in a rural suburb on 5 acres and along came the neighbourhood peacocks - about 5 of them - which included a beautiful white one which always reminded me of Odette in Swan Lake. But we never want to see another peacock ever again! The mess! And the noise! They would roost in the trees and drive us mad with the noise. They had originated with a woman we knew a kilometre or two further up the river some time before and were well known around our suburb.

Blessings and bliss

Hootin'Anni said...

The joke is cute!! And the peacock is so pretty. Ya, it's a peaCOCK not a peaHEN...they're not as bright as the males.

What a yard guest tho, huh? I love to hear them....such a cool 'cawing'.

Great show and tell!! Mine's posted too. About an 'antique' keyboard of mine!!!

Lallee said...

What a surprise out your window! It's beautiful.

Enjoy your vacation, and wave to my son when you go through West Palm Beach on the way to Pompano ;-) I love girlie vacations.

Loved the joke!

Jenny said...

What a welcome and pleasant visitor he must be. Beautiful and funny all at once.

Tracy said...

He's gorgeous! I wouldn't mind having a visitor like that!

Have a wonderful "girl" trip! Sounds like fun, but I think I would REALLY miss my husband...

LOVED the joke!

Pat said...


It is a Mr. Peacock (males are prettier in the fowl world!!)...the females are peahens....BTW, you do not want the to LIVE at your house....they create mound of mess to clean, and can wreak havoc on a car's paintjob!! (experience speaking here who fed one to let us enjoy the beauty....let's just say HE found a new home!!)

Cindy said...

I can't imagine having a peacock show up the the back yard. Not in NY!

Penless Thoughts said...

Love the idea that you have a peacock that comes to visit :o) I hope some day you can get a shot with its tail feathers in full beauty.

justabeachkat said...

Have a wonderful, safe and memorable trip. The ladies in my family get together every few years for a girlie trip too...we call it "cousins weekend, even though it's not just cousins. What fun. I'm sure you'll take your camer, so we'll look forward to seeing your photos.


LBP said...

That joke is too funny!! The peacock is beautiful. There used to be one in our neighborhood.

PEA said...

I can't say I've ever seen a peacock in my yard! lol How very cool that is!! The joke is soooo funny, I will have to remember that one! lol Have a fun and safe trip!! xo

ellen b said...

What a fun guest to show up at your back door. Enjoy your girly trip. You'll have to share that joke while you're all lounging at the pool....

Lori said...

That peacock is very pretty. I can't believe you had a peacock in your back yard. How cool is that.

Have a fun girl trip.

Marci said...

We had a peacock show up. I was surprised by how loud they can be. I am glad that you enjoy him.

Marci said...

ALso, if you put a mirror out there for him, he will spread his tail to admire himself.

Gina E. said...

Oh you lucky people! I LOVE peacocks (one of my blogs is all about my peacock collection). What has happened to his tail? I do hope the neighbourhood kids haven't pulled out all his tail feathers...


Pam, have a great time. I hope you find a computer somewhere, we will miss you and for a whole week. :( See you when you return. connie from Texas

Barbara H. said...

What a unique guest! You're probably one of the few people in the country to have a stray peacock show up!

Love the joke!

Have a great time on vacation!

Lana G! said...

He is beautiful! Have a great trip and your joke was great!

Retha said...

Unless they are different from the once over here, your peacock is the one who does not lay the eggs. In human language the male. Maybe they call themselves, it? What a privilege to have such and animal coming to your place!
Hope you all have a good time, on the time away.

Retha said...

Apologies for also jumping onto the 'education wagon'!
Will teach me to first read then to say my piece.

HsKubes said...

How neat to have a neighborhood peacock! We would love that!
Hope you have lots of fun on your vacation. We're having LOTS of fun the next couple weeks, too. ;o)

I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY uploaded the song you asked about. So sorry it took so long. Here's a link: Bring Back the Glory

Thank you for the anniversary wishes! It was a wonderful one!!

~ Christina

Sara said...

Aren't peacocks so lovely with their iridescent blue feathers? Or "Mr. Peacocks" anyway! And they have that unique call that rings out so startlingly at times. You don't see many of them running round loose, what an interesting visitor.

A girlie vacation - what could be more fun. Have a great time.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful bird, Pam!! How exciting that it visits you for a little snack!

Happymama said...

Great Peacock. Has it showed it's feathers to you? :)

Loved the joke too.

And you must definitely try to find a computer to blog from while you're on vacation.


Lyndy said...

Hi Pam,

Wanted to take a moment to stop by for a visit. I started my new job this week, so I am behind in blogging and have missed checking in with you this week.

My what an interesting Show and Tell. Mr. or Mrs. is certainly a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Oh what fun, a girlie vacation sounds. I pray you have save travel and just a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.

Hugs, Lyndy

TrainingHearts said...

Thank you for visiting my blog this week and leaving me a sweet comment. I'm so far behind on visiting other blogs but I do read and treasure each comment and try my best to return the blessing.

May you enjoy the weekend!

Jodi said...

What a delight to see in your own backyard!! Such an example of the beauty of God's handiwork.

Enjoy your girlie break, Girlie! ;o)(And ~ since I never got a quick email back out ~ I don't still live in Florida. If I did, I'd have definitely been all over us getting together! :oD ...)

Be safe and have fun!! :o)

Susie said...

Love the peacock! We have a nearby park where there are dozens, but they seldom leave that area. Enjoy your girlie getaway!
Loved that joke!!

Daughter of the King said...

sooo funny..enjoy your break....your vacation and all the girl talk and giggles.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Maybe your yard guest will someday show off his fancy tail feathers!

Cute joke, too!

Enjoy your girlie vacation!


Anita said...

Do you have many peacocks in Florida or do they only live at the zoo? How nice it must be to have such a special guest visiting your regularly!

Have a wonderful vacation and a save journey!

Best wishes from Germany,

Ashley said...

Awww I love peacocks! He's so pretty! We've had turkeys in our yard...and cows..and foxes, and bunnies, but not peacocks!

Hope you have an awesome vacation! I've never been on an all girl's vacation! That's going to be so much fun!

MightyMom said...

love the peacock! I think that the males have the big tails and the females are noticeably smaller...unless this is the day my brain cells are on strike...(that happens about 2 of every 3 days.)

cute joke!

enjoy your vacation!

Abouna said...

Hey Pam, if that beautiful bird is a "she", then it is a Peahen, not a Peacock. Just thought I would throw that in. But whatever, I wouldn't mind having it on my patio, all I get are chipmunks, rabbits,squirrels and an occasional skunk.

Hope you have a great vacation.

Tina said...

Wow ...what a beautiful bird. How lucky you are to have it in yourneighborhood to enjoy!
I found you through my friend Tracy's blog.
I look forward to visiting again!