Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blogging Across America

I came across this article in a small newspaper that comes to the house. Because I'm hooked on blogging, I found this to be a fun read. Maybe you too will find it amusing!

Personal Web Logs Catch the Nation by Storm
By Mark Abromaitis

It's news. It's opinion. And it's someone's personal diary, open for the world to see.

"Blogs" -- or personal web pages full of opinion, news, and links to other unique web-sites--are catching the nation by storm.

Once a rarity, because of the difficulty of creating web pages, advances in software technology have made personal Internet publishing easy. And readers are checking them out to get the inside scoop on news. politics, business secrets, or just to be entertained.

"The beauty of blogs is that they give every person a voice," John Makowski, director of news media for Erickson Retirement communities, says. "Before, the average person was less likely to have their own website. Now, anyone with access to the Internet can share their thoughts, opinions, and takes on the world."


Blog--the word gained popularity in the early 1990'2 when many say it evolved from the term for an online diary, or "Web Log." No one knows exactly who coined the phrase, but now the word and every one of its forms are heard in everyday conversation.

Early bloggers began by posting their thoughts or observations about the day. Blogging gained popularity and punch when independent journalist Matt Drudge began breaking news on his own, not answering to an editor or publisher but being surprisingly accurate.

By 2000, blogs were catching on everywhere. In 2004, accusations of both liberal and conservative political media bias and a heated presidential election pushed individuals to publish their own takes on the news. More blogs began to pop up all over the Internet.

Today, blogging is not just limited to news or politics. Amateur reporters, political candidates, and everyone in between are getting in on the act. Brad Hill, author of the book, Blogging for Dummies, estimates that 70 million unique blogs exist already and that 16% of Americans read them on a daily basis.

And there are blogs that cater to every interest.


Joe Fino, computer expert and columnist for The Erickson Tribune, says, "Today, there are blog websites packed with links, ideas, and users making arguments that used to belong solely to established news outlets. If a topic exists, there is probably a blog out there to cover it."


Today, websites that give instant feedback and make instant exchange possible are among the most visited on the Web. Websites like have made blogging easy, accessible, and mainstream. Even corporations are starting their own blogs. It's not uncommon to be able to read the thoughts of a CEO or president of a company.

"People can express what's on their minds and companies can get instant feedback on their products," Makowski explains. "What better way to figure out if a business is worth investing in than by reading the thoughts of the CEO? People can really see what a company stands for, straight from the horse's mouth."


And the phenomenon is still evolving. Popular sites like and are making blogs easy and accessible to everyone.

"Blogs come to life with the temperament of their writers and reach us in a way that newspapers and magazines do not," Fino says. "Blogs can be personal journals kept online, or they can be free form journals about any topic imaginable."


Penless Thoughts said...

This article was interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us. As far as I'm concerned he missed the best part though......he didn't say a word about the wonderful friendships and connections that we are making, literally around the world. To me that is the BEST part of blogging!

jennifer said...

I think that this was a neat article and I whole heartedly agree with Susan.That is the BEST part. Meeting new people and creating lasting friendships out of the air(the Internet)

Happymama said...

I suppose you could say we're making our mark. LOL


Ruth said...

When I started a blog, little did I know the friendships I would make! I don't post in my blog every day, but I certainly read everybody elses!!


I enjoyed learning more about the beginnings of blogging. I love it too, it has opened up a whole new door for me. I am thankful that I live in this time where I can travel all over the world with just a click of the mouse. Thanks, Pam. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

I accidentally started a blog trying to leave a comment on my daughters. Now, I have 100+ readers a day. How did that happen????

Pat said...

I read this, too, and chuckled....they have no clue how far reaching and diverse yet similar we are!!!

Amazing how many nbew friends you can reach and other ones you love to stay in touch with!!

Our lives can be kept up to date!!

Abouna said...

One day I called Dial-a-Prayer and they put me on "hold", so went off to see a "Shrink". He asked: "What's the problem?" I said: "Doc, I have an inferiority complex." The shrink said; "No you don't, you are inferior." So went back home, hung up the phone (I was still on hold with Dial-a-Prayer three hours later), turned on my computer, started blogging and you what, "I'm ok and gosh people like me".lol

justabeachkat said...

Very interesting article. It seems like it was just a month ago that I asked my son "what is a blog?" I had no idea. I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. I'm having a ball meeting the nicest people, including you.


A Note From Theresa said...

I love to blog. in front of my computer is where I'm at when I get an extra minuet. Reading blogs, and posting on mine. I had no idea that blogging was so popular though.

Jungle Mom said...

I award you the courageous blogger award. Come check it out!