Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh my you all! I didn't stop all day! I vacuumed this entire house, even pulled out some furniture on my own. I'm ecstatic about this, because you see, about 3 months ago I could barely get out of bed or bathe myself. My hubby was even helping me get dressed on most days. So to be able to pull out a couch and vacuum with my big ol' KIRBY vacuum cleaner is a full blown miracle for me.

Today I also:
*Dusted every flat surface in the house, but of course had help from Shane. He loves using the swiffer dusting wand.

*Dusted and windexed each slat of my Key West blinds in both of my bedroom windows.

*Cleaned both windows.

*Scrubbed and disinfected both bathrooms, mopped floors, cleaned mirrors, washed decorative towels.

*Changed 3 lamps around to look better in other rooms.

*Changed phone base and extra handset to different rooms for easier access.

*Had Shane clean all the papers and misc. stuff off my desk. Yes, he put it all in a huge Olive Garden take out bag for me and I still have to file many paper and pay many bills, but the desk got dusted and looks great for the moment!

*Made a new arrangement for the middle of the breakfast nook table.

*Ate Chinese take out for supper. I forgot to lay out my chicken so I called my back up, hubby, to please bring some food home!

*Took a long soaker in my garden tub. I love HOT water!

How was your Tuesday? I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends at church tonight for prayer meeting. Have a great rest of the week everybody!


Anonymous said...

wow, and i thought *my* day was busy. how wonderful that your health has returned as it has, pam. :o)

oh. and yes, i'm knockin' on your door. sometime soon. i hope.

Lyndy said...

Wow you have certainly been a busy girl. I know it feels great for you to be able to get around so much better now. I am rejoicing with you.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...feel free to come to my house any time and clean away. I am so far behind on my cleaning yet here I sit...blogging away...priorities you know!

Anonymous said...

My oh my, you have certainly been a busy lady, no wonder you are tired!!!! =) There is nothing like a soak in a big garden tub, is there? I used to have one in an apartment I lived in, and every night, I'd fall asleep in it!! Then I'd wake up shivering in freezing water at like 2am. But, oh, I still miss that big, glorious tub!!!

Mishel said...

Girl, you make me feel like I need to get up and do something rather than sitting here reading your blog! LOL I am so glad that you are feeling so good these days! Praise the Lord!! : )

Daughter of the King said...

I am a bit jealous, I have had a fibro day, spent sleeping in my recliner off and please...come on over and give me some of your energy......I would love it.

Jackie said...

Wow...I need your help down here! I'm trying to get the house in order for my in-laws visit and could use some help with dusting and whatnot! Also...I'm incredibly jealous of your tub!! :-S

Tiany said...

Wow , you are sure are movin!!! Now come help me with my house! LOL My little one has been teething so he is glued to my hip, it is soooo much more difficult to get stuff done with a wee one in tow but he sure is fun to hold, squeeze, kiss, hug...OK so im not really complaining its just a great excuse to sit and snuggle and not get much done at all!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Pam,
I am so glad that you are feeling better and that your able get all that you can get done. Now Lets talk about you coming for a visit hehe


SERENDIP said...

I'm tired after just reading this post. You've been busy, haven't you..LOL

HsKubes said...

What a blessing you felt well enough to accomplish so much!
I had to laugh at the papers and such in the Olive Garden bag. Ally will do that for me many times. lol And, as you mentioned, it's sure nice to enjoy the cleared space... for a little while. ;o)

Hope you're enjoying your week!
What a wonderful blessing it is to get together for prayer meeting!

~ Christina

Ruth said...

You certainly have been quite busy! I'm impressed!! If you are done at your house, mine would love to meet you!! =o)

Anonymous said...

Every time I come to visit you're cleaning! Don't you know that some germs are good for you? They keep up your immune system! :o). I've been "gone" because I'm in a heavy debate about the Sabbath with some of my co-reformed brethren. :o) I fear it's not going well...they are about to run out on me. My mother always swore I went into the wrong profession...she thought I should have become a lawyer! :o) I almost lost her when I was going to college and told her I had to take a logic class then explained to her that it taught you how to argue your point well. I don't think I've ever seen her laugh as hard any other day as I did that day! :o) I will argue with a sign post. :o( I prefer to call it debating now that I'm all grown up and I'm a mature adult =:^

jennifer said...

Pam too funny about getting ready for church! Since we are 2 hours earlier than you I still had plenty of time!!!

Great to visit and mention everything!! Fantastic!!

TrainingHearts said...

Now that is a busy but productive day!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me your uplifting comments. I have missed visiting blogs between vacation time and now computer problems...but I am trying to catch up a bit.

Have a wonderful week!

Happymama said...

Wow, you were a busy little beaver! Forgot to take out the chicken aye? Yeah, I've convenintly forgotten to do that myself one or two or three times. LOL