Friday, August 24, 2007

Hasta Luego!

It's official! We leave for the island in the morning! Actually in a few hours.

Today was so so very busy! We began the day looking at a model home near our neighborhood. One word: GORGEOUS!!!

-Went to the post office to stop our mail until next week.

-Went to Pharmacy to pick up 3 prescriptions.

-Went to pick up my mom at her house.

-Went to the hospital to visit two of my friends who went to the same hospital on the same day for my convenience! Can you believe that? LOL

-Went to Ross - bought nothing.

-Went to eat a late lunch at 2 p.m. Can anyone say"CHINESE"?

-Went to International Mall in Tampa, shopped til we dropped. Not us so much but hubby's brother is a shopper, let me tell ya'! Of course, he doesn't get to shop in the states very often and he wanted to get as much on his list as he could before we leave for S.C. When we return, he will only have one free day to finish up his shopping. We were there from 3p.m. til 8:30p.m.

-Took mom home.

-Stopped by hubby's store to pick up an 8 page FAX.

-Went to Walmart to purchase paper goods for the beach house.

-Came home and unloaded everything, put it away, cleaned out fridge, packed, dried a load of towels, paid a few bills, washed and put away some dishes, charged all cell phones and camera batteries, etc.

I'm so happy I was able to see Patti and Connie both today before leaving town. Patti is my friend who recently underwent a double mastectomy. After 2 chemo treatments, her bowels stopped, she became impacted and now has a bacterial infection. They admitted her into the hospital Thursday evening. She looked so tiny and weak lying there in that bed today, but her spirit is strong. Her hair had started falling out in clumps, so last week, she asked her son to shave her head the way he used to do his! She was wearing the cutest floppy denim hat with flowers embroidered on it! I wish you all could meet her and spend time with her! What a glowing testimony she has of God's peace! Her hubby was there, so it was good to see him too. Agustin prayed for her, in Spanish, as we all held hands. I cried.

Then we popped up 2 floors to see Connie who had emergency gall bladder surgery on Thursday. She looked well and rested. She told us several funny stories of happenings in the hospital. She had us laughing on several occassions! Connie has done so much for my family over the years I've known her. She truly is a giver and a thinker. She knows a need I may have before I realize it's a need! Her mom was sitting with her today. It was good to see her with hair! (the mom) She recently finished chemo for cancer and lost all her hair. It is now coming back thicker and prettier than ever!

Here's something cute I need to share with you all!

My dad called us today while we were at the mall to let us know he was headed over to the hospital to visit the 2 ladies mentioned above. Later when we took mom home, she and I walked into her house and dad said: "You're not going to believe me, but I have something to tell you. You know I went to see Patti today?" We made strange faces, shook our heads yes, and asked:"What did you do?" Dad continued: "Well I don't want this to sound strange but I thought Patti looked downright cute today!" I knew right away he was talking about her denim floppy hat! We all giggled. I asked him if he told her so. He said: "Why no! I'm not in the habit of going around telling women they look cute!" I laughed so hard! He's a pastor you know!

OKAY sorry so long, but there is one more thing I need to mention before I truly sign off for the week. Webutante has had a blogaster! (as in DISASTER on her blog!) She has asked me to tell all who read it that she has been "hacked" and has lost her blog. Below is part of an email she sent me today.


(partial email message to follow)

This is so frustrating, but have to believe, for some reason it's part of the Divine Plan.These scammers are bad news and I will write about it, when I get it back....

Please pray for me and if you can, let Rita and several others know what's happened to my blog. Don't know when or if I will ever be able to get it back. May have to start another one in a week or two....but I hope not! Hope you're well. Also I have a story on Fred Thompson at today.

All best wishes, In Christ,


Hasta Luego!


Julie's Jewels said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this lost blog. I sure do know how it feels. I had over 200 posts on the blog that I lost. Thankfully I had printed alot of my posts off but there were many I didn't get that done with. Now I keep all my posts that I write up.

groovyoldlady said...

I have been SO busy this summer that I haven't had much time for reading my favorite blogs.

Thanks for posting about your friend's lost blog. Believe me when I say I'll be backing mine up before this weekend is over. The original plan was to copy every post into my WP as I completed it...but, laziness and complacencey set in and now I have dozens and dozens that aren't backed up.

It would break my heart to lose them! That poor woman!