Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm On Cloud Nine, Oops, No- Make That Cloud Ten!!!

You may be wondering why I'm so happy and wearing a big, happy grin. Well since you asked, I'll tell you!!!

Jennifer from PEN OF JEN called me yesterday afternoon! If you've never visited her blog or it has been awhile, then by all means, run, do not walk, over there by simply clicking HERE. You will enjoy her intelligent and succinct writing style, whether her topic of the day is about homeschooling, parenting,Christ, the Word of God, or even politics!

I've tried to relive the surprise event in my mind ever since last evening. Yes, even in church last night, I found it hard to keep my mind on the sermon! (Sorry Pastor Naill, but you must understand, a famous bloggity friend called my house!) Anyway, back to the event! As I relived it, I recall squealing like a stuck pig as soon as she told me who she was! If I hurt her ears, she was so kind as not to mention it! Then I remember trying to calm myself. Now that was hard! My mind was racing! "I have so much I want to ask her, where should I begin?" But alas, my worrying was in vain, because you see, it seems Jen likes to talk as much as I do!! was "give and take" with choosing the topics of conversation! LOL I think we hit 100 different topics. We both were so random! Asked her later on her blog if she thought we finished discussing any topic! Then I did get a little distracted toward the end of our phone visit due to my hubby pointing to his watch as a signal to get ready for church because our time for departure was drawing near!

I rushed off to our bedroom but kept talking as I tried to shrug off my shirt and take off my culottes. My mind began rushing again, wondering, "What can I choose to wear that won't require me to miss a second of this treasured phone call?" I then spotted my favorite black , slippery, slip-on dress. Easy choice, or so I thought; no buttons, or zipper, or belt! I managed to put my slip on, then my dress, choose a necklace, put on silver slip-on shoes and some lipstick all with one hand and one ear! (meaning, I kept the phone stuck to my ear!) However, I did put my dress on backwards TWICE!! After the first time, I took out my arms, and shimmied it around, or so I thought. After fighting my way back into it, I realized it was still on backwards! I never let on to Jen about all this, except once or twice, when my super long necklace, which I loop around my neck three times for varying lengths, got all tangled up with the phone and must have made a horrific noise as it grated across the phone a few times! I think I said something like, "Oh sorry, my necklace got tangled on the phone somehow!" SOMEHOW?? Good Gravy, I was practically doing acrobatic stunts while getting ready for church! I am literally laughing out loud right now just imagining how I must have looked, so attached to that phone and so attached to EVERY word that Jen was saying! It truly was a treasure and I wanted to relish every moment of it!

Thanks Jen for making my day! What I didn't tell you was that your call came on the perfect day! I needed some encouragement from a godly fellow Christian; and you are SO much of an encourager. I love your spirit, your voice, your attitude, and your talent! God bless you for giving me such a wonderful gift Wednesday and for boosting me on up to Cloud Ten!!!


Lyndy said...

Oh my I can just see you doing just that. I have done the same thing before too. Too funny.

So glad you had a wonderful talk with a fellow blogger and especially on a day when you needed encouragement.

jennifer said...

I am so giggly inside myself! I am really laughing as I did not take in to consideration the time difference, and I did not think about church,as we were still earlier!!

Please forgive me, but I would not trade the visit for anything! I loved visiting and look forward to many more visits, online, among tangled jewelry and other!!

I love that you are so ...exactly like you are on-line. Thank you so much for being such a dear dear blogity friend.

And I am on Cloud Ten too:)

Pen of Jen

Daughter of the King said...

wooohooo...for both of you...I share your joy...and your way with words for your adventure in getting ready for church...I have been in that the phone....that is why I have a blue tooth for my cell phone...
What a reunion one day when we all meet in Heaven....Pam, I will know you by the tangled necklace..

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so cute, I can just see you trying to get ready while enjoying your special phone call!! =)

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a blessing I know!!! Where was the camera for the dress scene. he he I chuckled just reading that :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a blessing I know!!! Where was the camera for the dress scene. he he I chuckled just reading that :o)

Abouna said...

Just picturing all that in my mind's eye is just to funny.

One time when I was in the monastery, I was kitchen duty, which meant that I had to be up at 4:00 am to get the ovens heated to bake bread, and get breakfast cooked for my fellow monks. This one particular morning I overslept and in my rush to get dressed, I put my pants on backward for times in a row. I got it right on the fifth try and rushed off to the kitchen to find that the Hegumen (Abbot) had started things for me. Boy was I mortified. No Cloud 9 or 10 for me.

Pat said...

I can just see you doing the telephone-necklace-dress tangle!! It evokes giggles!! You are soo sweet, and I know you enjoyed the conversation---from reading I see she is a wealth of knowlege!!

Blogity friends are great!!!

Happymama said...

LOL, I'm just glad you got off the phone alive. :)


Julie's Jewels said...

You are such a nut!! I can sympathize with trying to do all this with the phone attached to one ear....oh how many times in my life I've done that. And yes I've even done the shimmying of the outfit only to have it back on the same way it was before I started...and that was hard work too!! LOL!! Anyway....what a blessing that you got blessed in such a wonderful way!

Webutante said...

Pam, this story is so wonderful and heartening to hear about! Know you both will treasure your new friendship and support! It's a gift from God.