Sunday, August 02, 2009


My friend Shannon Green and her sister-in-law Karen Green, have launched a new design line called "GREEN LABEL". They are so excited for the success they have had so far and are looking for more high-end boutiques, particularly on the east coast. (i.e. Atlanta, Charlotte, etc.) If you know of any or have a favorite one you frequent in your area, please let me know here or you can follow them personally on Facebook. Once you are following them, you can leave your suggestions right on their page! Just search for "Green Label". I'm so happy for their success.

Shannon's testimony in all this is that at the very moment she was asking God to show her if she should look for a job out of the home or not, her sister in law was trying to call her with the proposition of embarking with her on this start up company! Shannon's phones were turned off due to the baby napping at that time. Later, when the two girls connected, Shannon knew this was God's answer; at least for now! I love watching God work!

I'm also giddy with excitement for my niece Jewel who is working as one of their interns here in Tampa. Jewel is featured in these photos wearing a longer, modest version of their premier skirt. I know she is learning oodles from Shannon and is relishing this unique opportunity.

To see more of Shannon's and Karen's creations, you can search for them on Facebook.(Green Label) I'm also in the process of finding out if they have a website or not.


Joy said...

Jewel looks beautiful. Very chic! I'll check them out. That is so exciting.


A Note From Theresa said...

Just letting you know that I restarted my blog. same address but it will have all new topics. I pray that you and your family are well and hope to hear from you soon.

Theresa of A Note From Theresa

Susan said...

So kind and sweet of you to post this for them and give them that halping hand of Christ's love.

Z said...

I LOVE God stories, too!! Thanks, Pam.
And yes, doesn't Jewel look gorgeous!?
I loved your reunion pix, too....and couldn't wait to see the breakfast photo again; heck, eating that kind of food might be bad for us, but it's sure good ONCE in a while!