Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Mariachis came all the way from Mexico to perform at Agustin's party!

Agustin, rapido! Blow out that flame before the entire church is afire!

Agustin with his mom and brother. They brought the little figurines with them on the plane.

This photo causes me to tear up each time I see it. My hubby was so happy to have his mom with him for his birthday! She is such a blessing to have around at any time!

Agustin poses with a fellow Mexicano, Pablo, a neighbor of my parent's.

Tio and Abuelita with my sons.

Tiffany made some new friends!

Johnny cutting his usual jokes!

Clint poses with his new friends!

Look who showed up after getting off work! Jungle Mom's son, Josh and his wife Naomy!

And Jewel! Jungle Mom's daughter!

I thought the kiss was supposed to be for the birthday boy!

Well I think everyone, except for Agustin, had fun!

Are you two sneaking into the kitchen for more food?

Tiffany sneaking in for MORE food??
(She was actually making a "to go" plate for her sister!)

If we were to chop off Shannon's hands, she wouldn't be able to talk!
She is our "in house" cake baker & decorator! However, we let her off the hook for this party due to the fact she is working day and night trying to produce and fill all the orders for her new design company, "Green Label". It is going great guns and we are so so happy for her.
Our crazy family at the end of a very long day!!

Can you tell my nose is sunburned and peeling? Que pena!

New soccer shoes!

from Shane!

Agustin's brother popped this bow on his mom's head, saying:
"Here is my gift to you! I brought you your mama!"

Thanking Josh for his gift - a few pairs of soccer socks!

Sydney saying goodbye!

Singing the traditional "Las Mananitas" to Agustin! Pablo really is singing out! He's so cute. Even at 87 he continues to garden for the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Pam, The pictures are so good. I love seeing the family together and having a great time. Agustine is ageing very well and still very handsome. I love you all.

Susan said...

Enjoyed them all, especially the "gift of mom"!!

Jungle Mom said...

That was so fun! And I didn't even expect to see my kids!

Mrs. C said...

What a beautiful celebration! Love that Agustin's mom could make it. What a great family you have!!

MightyMom said...

my fav was the "I brought your mama for your present" too sweet. and probably the best present he got too huh?

Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday, Augustin!