Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two-Timing,Tacos, Tickled,Tests, Traveling!!

My poor little ol' blog has been sitting here wondering if I would ever come back to it. Sorry blog. I do love you, really I do. It's just that I've been spending too much time on facebook lately! I've been two-timing you! Please forgive me.


Last week, while my niece Jackie and her hubby Brian were still in town, mom invited us all over for tacos and chicken -n- dumplings. I know they don't go together, but the she already had the chicken cooked when she decided to go with tacos. She thought she'd go ahead and make a pot of dumplings especially for me. They are my all time favorite comfort food! As you'll see in a video below, little Abbie likes them immensely!

Tacos at Grandma's. We all loved Abbie's shyness. Eventually, she broke out of it!

Elena modeling the sandal from mom's Valentine Build A Bear!

Shane and Abbie bonded!



Caution: Unsightly photos to follow!

At first, I wasn't going to post these photos because they certainly are not showing Jackie and I at our best. But you know what? The more I looked at them, the more joyful I felt. We had so much fun in this short photo shoot! I was trying to hold her on my lap and sing to her as I did when she was a baby, but my dress was so slippery, Jackie kept sliding off my lap. Brian kept shooting away with the camera. In this first photo, my brother is being a ...brother! We were all gathered in the bedroom away from the little ones, chit-chatting before all this madness took place.

My brother being a typical brother. It doesn't matter that he is over 40 years old!

"I'm going to eat you my dear!"

(I was really trying to kiss her on the cheek but we got tickled.)

Finally, we were serious enough to pose for this photo, but Jackie said the kiss tickled her. It just wasn't the same as when I was her nanny back in the late 80's!

My baby girl, now all grown up with two of her own!
(She isn't really MY baby girl, but having cared for her during her early years, I feel as though she is more than a niece. I love her so much and I'm so proud of her. She is such a good mommy and a great wife.)
I taught her well! Bwhaaa!

Mom will be having another ultra-sound, MRI, and bone density test today. After results are in concerning the growth on her neck, they'll remove the abnormal lymph node from her breast to test for lymphoma. That has been put on hold due to this other abnormality manifesting itself.

While mom is at Moffitt having her tests, we'll be driving down to Miami. Our nephew David is arriving from Argentina. He will spend the rest of the week with us before flying back to Illinois where he will work on a farm these next two months prior to classes starting.


Abbie loves her some "chicken -n - dumplin's!


Nina in Portugal said...

Pam, Those pictures are great! I'm so glad you decided to post them. You can tell the love you have for your niece....sweet memories!

I'm sure blogger forgives you for two-timing. So many people are going the facebook route now...I had to cancel mine...weirdo's from my past were popping up!! Yikes!!

Mrs. C said...

Hope all goes well with your mom! What a sweet family you have, and wonderful times together. :]

Susan said...

I was impressed and surprised with your mother preparing the meal with her health issue looming. Praying!

The pictures of you and Jackie are priceless. You can tell how much fun you were having and the love between the two of you.

Betty said...

Love the video and hearing your voices! Your mom looks so young and spunky, I bet she will beat any illness that shows up.
Funny pic´s too. Don´t the little one grow up so fast?!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I loved all the pictures, even the ones you weren't going to post.

By the by, there is an award waiting for you on my blog.