Thursday, June 04, 2009

Once Again...Prayers for My Mother

ETA: GASP!! I just accidently removed my entire list of blogs! Do you know how long it took me to concoct that list? AyAyAy! For those blogs I "FOLLOW" it's no problem but many blog owners don't offer that feature. I have some work to do! I also need to apologize to many family members who visit my blog first and then use my links to visit other family members. I'll be working on getting my favorite ones up and running as soon as I have some spare time. Does anyone have a suggestion on a quicker way to get them all back?
I'm asking prayers for my mother. She recently had extreme back surgery (four things done in one surgery). She recently had lasik surgery on each eye. She now is facing yet another biopsy on a lump found in her breast this week. God has brought mom through so many surgeries so we have complete faith that this biopsy will show the lump to be benign. Mom has a history of breast cancer which had infiltrated many lymph nodes. Seventeen lymph nodes were removed. Her history includes uterine cancer, ear surgeries, I could go on and on. We have the understanding that Satan wants her down but God has great plans for her still. She is a pastor's wife and a very involved mom, a caring grandma, and a great-grandmother. Please remember her in your prayers. She kiddingly said to me the other day that she might as well set up a mailing address at the hospital, as it seems she is there more than she is at home!

It's been a dreary, rainy, stormy day here in Florida, so I'm in the mood to share some of last weeks beach photos with you!

We think these "turtle" showers are so cute!

My nephew David in Latin soccer form!

Having been born and bred in Argentina, David had never been to the beach. Here he is on his first trip to the Beach! He was quite impressed!
(The two bobbing black heads to the right are Agustin and Shane!)

"Tia" Pam con David!
(Such a sweet young man!)

Agustin with Shane and David. Clearwater Beach, 2009
I really enjoyed watching the guys play some soccer in the sand. Watch their awesome moves! In the second video, make sure to note that my hubby still has his moves! He's wearing the dark shorts.
Watch the feet!
Oh and one more thing- please pardon my humming in the background!!!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

As usual, my prayers shall be with your mother. Do you think your mom is just enjoying the TLC and that is why she spends more time at the hospital? I doubt it is the food. LOL

Mrs. C said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for your mom. ((Hugs))

Susan said...

Oh suggestion.....AFTER you get them all back and in place be sure and copy the list to word and save it so if it ever happens again, you at least have the list to re-enter from.

Mrs. C said...

Prayers!!! Your poor mom is really going through it!!

Joy said...

Pam I will pray for your mother. Bless her heart. I'm sorry to hear she has one more thing to deal with. I know God will be with her through it all.
I enjoyed the beach with you all. I could hear the wind, the waves and the seagulls. Makes me miss those parts.
Can't believe he hadn't spent any time at the beach before. Glad you all got him there.


MightyMom said...

well get thee to my blog to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

and I'm counting on either you or Rita to know the answer to my popquiz!!

Come on sisters, don't let me down now! teeheehee.

MightyMom said...

I forgot to say that I enjoyed the beach pics. sorry about your mom.

~~Deby said...

ahhhh Pam,will sure pray for your sweet mom...


Pam your mom is in my prayers. Hope she is up and doing what her heart desires very soon.

The pictures were very good. Looks like the boys were not only playing ball but having a great time, playing.Tia Pam looks good also and very happy. I can't stand all that sand. I usually bring home more than I could possibly ever need, when we go to the beach. connie

Kat said...

Pam, I will be praying for your sweet Mom. Bless her heart. So many surgeries!

Wish I could help you with your blog list. Believe me, I know how long it takes to list them all since I just did it on my new blog. Just take your time and add a few each day.

Great beach photos and videos. Your hubby does still have his moves. LOL


Jungle Mom said...

Praying for Mom.

MightyMom said...

oh yeah, I answered your questions.

and about losing the blogroll.

I would do that periodically and then tell people if they wanted me to return they needed to LEAVE ME A COMMENT! I found it a good way to clean up the blogroll of folks who no longer visit me. :-)

nowadays I "follow" everyone and have dropped the blogroll thing entirely.

Candy-Faith said...

Praying for your Mom.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Praying for your much to have to go through in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

You know your mom is in our prayers! It's hard to watch our parents deal with issues, but so thankful that the Lord is our strength and our source.

Loved the videos. Beto would have a blast with those "boys" (yes, that includes your hubby :)

Kelly said...

Hi Pam. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am still around. I will certainly pray for your mom. I'm so sorry she's been through so much.

My oldest son loves soccer!

Ya know, I never thought to ask before, but do you speak Spanish? Do your boys know it? I took three years of Spanish in high school, but forgot a lot because I had no one to converse with. However, my boys are learning Spanish through the Rosetta Stone program and I am getting a refresher course. I just wish I had more time to work on it. I love the Spanish language.

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just added up lots of new emo backgrounds to my blog