Sunday, June 21, 2009


Mom (Loretta) received the results from her recent biopsy and the news isn't good. Since her last biopsy only six months ago, a mass has formed and it has a little "head" protruding from it. We'll be going in to see mom's Dr. on Tuesday and to consult with the surgeon. Mom is taking it in stride. She is a breast cancer survivor. We've had a few scares over the past several years (since her partial mastectomy), but all of those scares came out as benign. This time around though, the report said "abnormal" and the Dr. called the same day the report arrived. We would all appreciate your prayers. Mom knows the Lord.
The following news has me burdened down at the moment. A long time friend has been diagnosed with brain cancer. This gal had a double mastectomy about about eighteen months ago. Her name is Suzie. I know she, her husband and children would really appreciate your prayer support during this time. Suzie and her family know the Lord.
My husband's regional director has been fighting cancer for the past three years. There are no more meds to help him. He has flown all over, trying alternative treatments. The cancer has spread to the liver and several other organs. We feel his time is near. We're not sure of his relationship with Christ.
Thanks Friends!
Now on a lighter note!
We had so much fun being with my nieces and the "mini-Divas" on Friday. We all met up at the beach. I hadn't seen Jackie, her husband Brian, or their two daughters, nor Jewel for over a year. They were a sight for sore eyes!
After fun in the sun, we ate at one of our favorite "mom and pop" Mexican restaurants.
When we arrived back in Tampa, we stopped by my parents house a bit. There we saw our son Josh. He and Shane got their wrestling time in, then Josh gave Shane a haircut! I was a little nervous, but I must say, it turned out just as good as when I take Shane to the professionals. Photos are forthcoming.
The entire day was---delish!


MightyMom said...

sorry about all your rough news.

glad you had a fun day!

~~Deby said...

Sure will pray Pam.....
Glad you got to see Jackie and family....what a blessing...
Keep trusting..

Mrs. C said...

Oh... so up and down with this post. Glad Jackie et all arrived safely, but you have some ministry cut out for you on the other items.

"Prayers" are your way, but the needs are so great, I just don't know what else to say. ((hugs))

Betty said...

I`m glad you are having a blast with Jackie and Jewel and the rest of the family. I`m sure Rita will be happy knowing they are with you.
Will be praying for your mom!

Aspiemom said...

Pam, I've listed these prayer requests on my prayer blog tonight.

Can't wait to see the haircut pic!

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the bad health reports.

Can't wait to see the pictures of Shane's hair cut.

Anonymous said...

My mom goes in again today to get the results of her latest rough patch concerning issues with her breast. You may remember she had cancer a bit over a year ago. We are praying for a good report as well!