Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks for all the prayers for Suzie. I just received the following update from a mutual friend about Suzie's brain surgery today:

(From Kathy Young)

"PRAISE REPORT: Just got off the phone with Paul......the drs. thought that one of the tumors was attached to the bone which would've been very serious, but GOD IS WORKING IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!"
Suzie Update (from Becky Smith's Facebook page)

Today at 1:28pm
Talked with Suzie today. She did not want to consent to anything until the Dr's sat down and explained everything in detail. I think it was 3 Dr's that all said she needed to have the stint put in. So she has consented to that. This cancer is when some of the cancer cells from the breast cancer travelled upward to hide in her brain. The PRAISE is that none of these have attached to the bone. She will need immediate radiation (numerous treatments) and chemo again. She is in very good spirits still and God has given her a great peace about all of this. She has turned off her phones for the time being because she is having a hard time being strong for others when they call and break down. Not that there is anything wrong with crying but she feels that she needs to stay strong through this. She has had her moments of what she calls weakness when she has just cried and cried. Suzie is one of the strongest women I know. After they release her from the hospital she will stay at Ray and Peggy's house to recover and Peggy will be able to take her to all of her treatments. Please continue to pray for all that will be accomplished today and the days to come. Still not sure what time the surgery will be. Our God is an awesome God and He reigns from heaven above. Suzie love Bro. John Bishop and he has the "God Is So Good" ministry. I was reading through one of his small booklets and thought I would add this from the book for those who are struggling with "Why".God isn't the One causing the bad things and hurtful things in your life. Yes, He allows them, but He does so because He has the power to "make all things work together for good to them that love God..."It may be heaven before we can see all the good that either came or could have come from those things, but it will work that way in the end. Allowing bad things to happen is not the same as causing them to happen! Blaming the God who wants to show His love and help will not make your problems go away. It will only make them worse! Getting mad at God will not make anything better. Trusting Him will make things better. Job says it best in Job 13:15, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him..."

I'll keep you posted. Also, please remember mom and I as we consult with her Dr. tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30 concerning her abnormal biopsy.

Following are photos from our day at the beach with Jewel, Jackie, Brian, Elena, Abbie, Josh V. and Naomy! It was great seeing all of them but especially the crew recently arrived from Paraguay!.

Elena with Shane

He was so excited to see the babies again! All week he would tell me how he just couldn't wait to see them again. It had been a year since they were here last.

The guys buried Brian in the sand. Poor Abbie just didn't know what to make of it! She walked around whining, and looking so worried. Poor baby!

Playing in the sand at the beach for the first time!

Ya' just gotta love baby feet!

Shane with Abbie.

Me and my niece Jewel!

Getting my arms around pure angelic sweetness! This was taken after I finished with all my squealing of delight upon seeing them!

"Tio" Agustin greets Elena!

Abbie greets the Mexican Buddha inside the restaurant we ate at.

We were tickled to introduce our fellow Mexican Food Lovers to a great MOM and POP place.

Get a load of Abbie's eyes!

Discussing Coca-Cola's bottled in Mexico! They're the best!

The angelic beings with their surprise shirts on! I had brought these little summer shirts for the girls. I was oh so thrilled that Elena begged to put it on before loading up to go home. She also told her daddy she wanted to go home with "Tia Pam"! Be still my soul!
We're going over to my parent's home tonight to see the babies and their parents again tonight! Yippee! but then they fly out of here Friday to live in New England until March! Boo Hoo.
OH but in March, when they return to our area, we get two long months with them. Yippee!
Such is the life of missionary families during their year of furlough! Please remember this little family in your prayers as they will be covering alot of miles this year, presenting their work in many, many churches and at mission's conferences.
I also ask for your prayers for my niece Jewel who will be staying in our area working as she prepares to go to college in the fall. She is still in the process of finding a summer job at this moment.
Have a great day everyone!


Susan said...

So glad for the good report on your friend.

Jackie's two little girls are precious. Reminds me of my two when they were small :o) Glad you got to have such a grand time with them.

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time!

Betty said...

...and I see Jackie is being true to herself, photographing everything in sight! :) Made me smile!

Jungle Mom said...

Oh thanks for the photos! Abbie has grown already! I miss you all.
Shane has slimmed down quite a bit! So have you. great photos.
We have been praying for Suzie as well!

MightyMom said...

fun times Tia Pam!

Humble wife said...

Pam!!How wonderful for you to have such a fun visit!! Oh the curly hair, the sweet feet, the bright eyes, and cousins and siblings and aunts and uncles all together!!

I loved seeing you all together!!

March is not too far off:)!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time. So glad you got to spend this time with those you love so much!

Rebecca said...

I noticed that Abbie and my Alaina have the same sippie cup! Great minds think alike!