Thursday, April 09, 2009


Boy oh, have things been a tad busy around here! I want so badly to tell you about the 'Celtic Woman' concert I attended on Sunday afternoon, but I haven't loaded the photos onto my laptop yet. Let me just say, it was a wonderful experience and being with some old friends
made it all the better.
I do, however, have available photos from a Bridal Shower I hosted,
to share that with you for this post.

Weekend before last, I hosted a Bridal Shower for a sweet, young lady who attends my father's church. I've watched Grace blossom from an eleven year old girl into
the young lady she is today.
(EDITED TO ADD: YES jANe, we played some very fun games!! It was a general shower. She received gifts such as towels, glasses, baskets of body care items, etc. One game we played involved M&Ms! I used Pink and Green to match her colors. Each lady had a little cupcake liner full of M&Ms. I asked them to pick out a few, any amount, but not to eat them until later. After they all had their M&Ms in hand, we went around the room and each one had to say something nice about Gracie, according to how many M&Ms were in their hands. So if you were greedy and chose 10 M&Ms, you had to think of 10 nice things to say. I also said they could use words of wisdom and encouragement for a turn as well. Many godly and wise words were offered that day on Gracie's behalf.)

I had Grace wear the veil during the entire shower.

(In case we forgot just who the bride to be was!)


(EDITED TO ADD: Mrs. C.!!This isn't her real veil. I picked this up in Wa*-Mart's wedding section for about $6.00.)

A couple of the pretty gifts!

Sarah, long time friend, made and served the punch!

Julee, wife of one of our deacon's, made and decorated the cake! Simple but feminine!
(EDITED TO ADD: jAnE!!! The cake was delicious! Julee had a layer of preserves between the cake layers, a nice touch!)

I would have loved to have hosted the shower in my home, but was afraid many of the older ladies from church wouldn't drive out this far. It just seemed more sensible to meet at the church fellowship hall to show our support, love, and best wishes for Grace and this new chapter of her life into which she is about to embark. The big day is May 16th, which means that she and her mom are busy girls these days!
I'm sure they would appreciate your prayerful support!


(EDITED TO ADD: YES Rita, Gracie is moving to North Carolina.

Another reason Missy needs our prayers and support!)

Missy (Mother of the bride) and Grace!


Missy said...

Great pictures as always.

Susan said...

I'm sure you are The Hostess with the Mostest, Pam and this young woman was blessed.

Mrs. C said...

Oh, how sweet! And I'm glad she got to wear the veil more than once LOL!

Jungle Mom said...

So good to see everyone. hard to believe Gracie has grown up. Will she be moving away?

jAne said...

A loverly shower for a loverly bride-to-be. She looks radiant!

The colors for the shower along with that yummy looking punch and beautiful cake, are so nice, Pam. How sweet of you to host a shower. Did you play games? What type shower was it?

Joy said...

Awww I love wedding showers. I haven't been to one in such a long time. I had my Wedding shower in the church fellowship hall too.

The cake and all the colors are so pretty.
Congratulations and many blessings to this bride to be.

groovyoldlady said...

I wuv showers!

Webutante said...

Lovely, Pam....the last baby shower I went to attend for my daughter-in-law Lauren in New York last November had to be canceled as the tiny baby boy got so excited he decided not to wait any longer. He arrived just as presents would have been opened! Now that's a gift from God. Though only 4 lbs and in intensive care for a month, he's now growing and healthy! Love to you all at this Holy, wonderful time of year!

Kristi said...

Where in NC will she be? If she is ANYWHERE near us, she'll have to visit our church and come to our Young Married SS class.