Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not Home Yet!

I'm loving and appreciating all your sweet comments. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and thoughts.

I stayed with mom until about 4:00 a.m. this morning. I got to bed around five and slept unti 12:15, at which time she called me to let us know her Dr. wasn't going to release her today. She is experiencing alot of dizziness and continues to have quite alot of drainage from the surgery. Hopefully she'll be home tomorrow sometime.
They did remove her drainage tube this afternoon and simply have her bandaged up for now.

She did seem to be able to get around a tad better today. When dad was here with her, he walked her to the nurses desk and back to the room. She is also getting up on her own to use the restroom. I came over about 8:00 p.m. to give her a sponge bath. We cleansed her face with her Mary Kay products and put on her night cream and a fresh gown. We asked the nurse to change her sheets again just so she could feel a little fresher and get a better night's sleep. While the sheets were being changed, I walked her around the unit block, the furthest distance she has gone so far. She did well, but was quite tired after the bath, the walk, and all. I just left her room at 11:05 and am posting this while sitting in the hospital cafeteria. Mom was already dozing off before I left.

I want to thank the dear ladies of my dad's church for the delicious meals they've been bringing over to the house . Saturday evening, Lois and Jeanette brought us bar-b-que ribs, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and deviled eggs! This afternoon, Kevin and Rose brought over MOJO rotiserrie chicken, beans, cole slaw, rolls and a fruit bowl. I haven't eaten any yet, but it sure smelled great! I'm anxiously awaiting to see what arrives at the house Monday evening! LOL That sounds kind of greedy doesn't it? I sure appreciate not having to worry about meals right now though. It's a real blessing being part of God's close knit family and having friends who step up without being asked! And these dear ladies of the small church my dad pastors are also caring for the grieving Hargrave/Padgett families. I know they will receive blessings in return.

Well I'm off to mom and dad's house to sleep. Agustin is just getting off work and will be heading to our house; the opposite direction than I. Shane is with my nephew Josh in yet another city. My Josh is up north working. It feels so strange to know my family is scattered all over the place. I miss my boys! Shane took some of his school books to Josh and Naomy's house with him. I know we will have some making up to do when things return to normal, but at least he can do some math drills, spelling practice, writing practice, and reading while away from home. He is dying to play against his cousin Josh on the new Playstation 3!! I warned Josh - "School work first!"


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the updates Pam. Tell Mom I feel for her. I remember those long walks to the bathroom at Smyrna after my surgery.
I am so thankful that you are there! Thanks from me to you for all you do!

groovyoldlady said...

Well, I'm a bit behind the eight ball, aren't I. Somehow I missed all these goings on. Your mom may even be home now. I hope she is!

I'll be praying for her recovery! :-)

Betty said...

I´m glad your mother is recovering so well. Even though it´s still a way to go, I´m sure she´s on her way.
I hope you get to go back to "normal" life soon!

MightyMom said...

glad Mom's doing well!!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you and your momma and dad in my prayers. Praying for quick healing and restoration along with rest.