Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prayers Please

My mother is scheduled for back surgery early Friday morning. (Apr.17) I'd so appreciate your prayer support for her and my dad. He has recently recovered from shoulder surgery and is in rehabilitation. Also, a member of dad's church passed away this morning, so dad will be busy with funeral plans and counselling the family. I'm sure the Hargrave and Padgett families would appreciate your prayers as well. I will be staying at mom and dad's house for the next week or so trying to help out in whatever capacity I am needed. I'll try to post when I can. Thank you all so much for remembering us in your prayers.


AllyJo said...

It sounds like you've got a lot of stress and heartache in your family's life right now. I'll be sure to remember you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm very good at praying when I promise it.

I can't believe I found someone out in Blog world who is close to me. We live in Wesley Chapel out off Curley Rd.

Do you homeschool? How do you know Lady Jane at tickleberry? I found you through her.

hugs, neighbor

Jackie said...

Give Grandma a big hug for me, and let her know I am praying for her and Grandpa. Also for you as you help them! And please express my condolensces (sp?) to the Padgett family.

Sis. Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear about all that is going on in your parent's lives. I'll be praying for them both!! Love you and let us know how things go with the surgery please.

Mrs. C said...

Praying for you all now because I'm *just* the type that will forget in the morning. Hope it counts. :]

Most Rev. Gregori said...

From your lips to my ears, it shall be done. You have my prayers for your mother, and the Hargrave and Padgett families.

Joy said...

Oh Pam, I'll be praying for you mom and that her surgery will be successful and she will heal quickly and properly.
also, please lift my dad Mac in prayer he had hernia surgery today and they had to keep him overnight because of a minor complication.
It was suppose to be a day surgery only.


AllyJo said...

This is CRAZY! We're going to co-op tomorrow. Hopefully soon we can get together. My son is sooooooooo lonesome. I think he would be so happy to have a new homeschool friend his age. The kids in the neighborhood have pornographic mouths, so he stays inside and plays with me or video games. Sigh.

We can get together and quilt, or scrapbook or stamp. I don't have any friends here either. Our church is 30 minutes away so we stay lonely. LOL

I've known Lady Jane since 99 or 2000. We met a conservative web site. LOL She's one of the most wonderful people I have ever known in my life. I don't have one negative thing to think or say about her. She's awesome and I'm so glad I know her. She's been such a blessing in my life.

Pam said...

Shane smiles really big when I read this the part about your son to him! This could be a huge blessing from God!

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for keeping us informed and I thank you for being there!