Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update on Mom

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary to my Parents today. Two years ago, my dad was in the hospital on their anniversary for heart surgery! Not to be outdone, my mom is in the hospital this anniversary!

Twenty Three years ago today I met my handsome husband! I was living in Mexico and was invited to a birthday party for his younger brother. I'll tell more of the story at another time.

So sorry I haven't gotten back to update since yesterday a.m. Mom came out of surgery around 3:15 Friday, we were allowed to see her for a short visit in recovery at about 4pm. I was frightened when I saw her! I wouldn't have recognized my own mom had I met her on the street looking that way! Swollen face, thick lips, swollen tongue, white and pasty just like dad after his open heart surgeries.

Here's a cute little tidbit that happened in the recovery room. She seemed to want to talk but couldn't due to the dry mouth and swollen tongue, lips condition.

I rubbed her head and told her not to speak. Did she listen? Oh no! Not Loretta! she tried and tried until she got enough strength to tell me she had been on her stomach and on her arm for the entire surgery. Her arm felt like needles pricking it. I know that feeling! I started rubbing her arm, trying to manipulate the blood flow. She squeaked out the word "Dream". I, her daugher, kept rubbing her arm and her forehead and tried to fill in the blanks. "Oh you had a dream." She said, "Jackie, soothing." (That is her grand-daughter who is a missionary in Paraguay.) I continued rubbing and soothing. I said "You dreamed about Jackie soothing you?" She replied in the affirmative. I said, "Yes Jackie is soothing when you're sick" and I kept trying to soothe my mom. Then she said, "I wish Jackie was here!" I replied, "So what am I, chopped liver?" I thought it was funny and shared the incident with Rebecca when I returned to the waiting room. Rebecca chuckled with me. I couldn't wait to get this on my blog for Jackie to read. I hope it brings a smile to her face too!

Mom continued to improve through out the evening and even walked with the help of 2 nurses and a walker. I saw her alertness and the swelling go down rapidly. So I decided to go on home and let the nurses care for her during the night since she seemed to be doing so well.

I sat with her until 11:00p.m. last night and then with hopes of her being sent home today, I went home to rest so I could help her with the transition to her house and feel well enough myself to take care of her. Dad can only do so much these days, plus he's in the midst of pastoring a family who just lost a loved one. (The funeral will be Tuesday.)

Around 4a.m.Sat. morning, her head started hurting so badly she called the nurse in. Her blood pressure was up to over 200. Then she bacame nauseus and we know what that means! She was administered a shot and later was able to walk with the walker all the way to the nurses station. She looks better as of this evening. I'm on my way back up to her room and will leave here around 11:00 again if she is still doing well. She is hoping to go home tomorrow, but dad hopes they'll keep her until Monday. They did remove her catheter today and she was able to get up and go to the restroom on her own, but it wore her out.

When the surgeon spoke to dad and I after surgery yesterday, he said it all looked good. They inserted a cage, did two fusions, trimmed a couple of bulging discs,and that all went well. Then he said "We then took a look at all her pinched nerves and that was a mess! We think we've got her all straightened out though."

Josh Daniel and Naomy just left and took my Shane with them for a few days. I could tell mom thouroughly enjoyed having us all around her bed for awhile this evening.

Thanks Rebecca and Clint for the lovely balloon arrangement!

Thanks Rose for the lovely roses you brought by!

Thanks to all my friends, both in blogland and in the real world for you heartfelt prayers. I can feel them! The Lord has given me grace and energy to keep going. Not too many complications due to my health right now. I know it's my heavenly Father watching over me!

Have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!



HAPPY 50 TO YOUR DAD AND MOM ON THEIR ANNIVERSARY. They are so blest to have you for a daughter.

I am so glad that your Mom is doing so well. Things have changed a lot, I guess since I had back surgery some 25 years ago. I was in hospital for two weeks. I hope your Mom gets to go home soon.

Pam, I hope your health holds up, try to get as much rest as you can. I am praying for you all.

Twenty three years ago was a blessed day for you and your husband. love to you, connie

Joy said...

Pam, I'm glad your mother has the surgery behind her and can look forward to healing. I know she is so thankful for you and your devotion to her.
I'll be praying for her and you too.


Betty said...

I´m so glad she´ll be ok. Happy Anniversary to them both!

Mrs. C said...

Oh, your poor mom! I knew it would be hard, but no idea that taxing on her. Bless you guys.

Webutante said...

God bless you, Pam, and your blessed parents as they celebrate, even from the hospital. Have a peaceful, restful day.

AllyJo said...

What a sweet story about Jackie comforting your mom. I hope she will be ok. I'll keep you in my thoughts. I've been awfully tired this weekend and didn't get back to you as soon as I wanted.

My son is 12. Seems we have a tremendous amount in common from what you told me. Maybe we could meet up at crackel barrel for a coffee meet up. I love coffee. I would invite you to my house but it's the messiest it's ever been in our 15 years of marriage. We have our own mess, then in Feb, my husband brought home a 17ft trailer of all his mom's stuff he got from her house. We're having trouble combining it all. Plus we're grieving and tired. Just can't seem to get the place cleaned up.

Ok, gotta run.


Z said...

Rita'd told some of us about your Mom and I was wondering how all had gone..great news that she's doing well.
And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a BLESSING! May you and your handsome husband celebrate at least 50 years together,
And good luck with your health..God will lift you up! love, z

MightyMom said...

wouldn't it be nice to be BORED??

Jackie said...

How nice to know i'm soothing! I never saw that in myself, but I'm glad to know it's there!