Monday, April 13, 2009

Glimpses of our Easter Sunday

Please scroll down and turn off the music player before watching the following videos. Enjoy these songs from our Easter service.

Kevin sings "I Saw His Scars". Since meeting Kevin about 12 years ago, he has become one of my favorite singers. Trust me, this video does NOT do him justice!

Kevin and I share a long time private joke! Don't worry-his wife took this photo.

It's too much to explain here!

Me, Shane, Agustin
(We're missing Josh who remains in WV at this time. I really missed making up an Easter Basket full of his favorite goodies this year! Even the year he was in college, I took baskets to him and all dorm students.)

John, Diana, Denise
Diana was thrilled to have her daughter and son in law in town for the special day.

Rose, Stephanie, Kevin

AGUSTIN, please tell me you're NOT discussing politics at church?
(I see the body language here which is all too familiar lately! And I heard Kevin tell him he should run for Governor of Florida, to which Agustin responded:
"I am considering running for Mayor! LOL)

Shane, Grandma, Grandpa

What is more precious than an annual tradition? These two have been coloring eggs together since Shane's first Easter. He was 4 months old when this tradition began.)

I've seen Stephanie grow into a sweet, young lady. I'm sorry my camera stopped recording before she quite finished this song. Enjoy!


Candy-Faith said...

Loved seeing the pictures and videos :)

Mrs. C said...

:] Lovely dress you are wearing! LOL it will be great to wear at the Mayor's Inauguration...

MightyMom said...

what a beautiful dress you're wearing! I love all that lace!


I loved all the pictures and the songs were wonderful!!!

I would vote for your husband. Knowing you it would be a sure thing!!

I am so glad you had such a good Easter and you looked so beautiful!!! Your Dad and Mom looked very good too. connie

Betty said...

Loved listening to the songs! Looks like you had a great Easter!!
Have a good week.

Rebecca said...

Happy Easter and hugs to your family from ours. Busy busy here. I'll be back to blogging when I can.

Shane Rios said...

That was a good easter

Susan said...

Such a wonderful holiday WE get to celebrate. Our risen Lord!!!