Saturday, February 14, 2009


Isn't it awfully romantic that my niece was married on Valentine's Day? Today, she and her hunky hubby, Brian, are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary!! Hard to believe it has been that long already! It made me start pondering on all that has happened in those last five years! Whew! She could write a book. My sister put up a short post about some of those fascinating events in Jackie's life. Click here to see photos and read more.

I wanted a wedding photo of the two of them to post here, but tsk tsk, I have none of them together. I do have a wonderful DVD of the entire wedding which I wish I could share with you all. It was a fantasy dream outdoor wedding!!! So gorgeous was the venue and the couple! They were married in Venezuela; but before heading to South America for the big ceremony, some paperwork and formalities had to be taken care of here. My dad officiated in a small, family ceremony and I do have some photos of that day to share here.

Many happy years to you and Brian, sweet Jackie! I love you both so much and am so happy you have gifted the world with Elena and Abby! I'm looking forward to more of such gifts! *wink*

The gorgeous bride!

Brian and Jackie with their little family. This photo taken in their backyard in Paraguay. It makes me very happy to know she is blessed with a godly young man who knows how to treat her well and is an excellent daddy to these two precious princesses they created!

Jackie and I after the small, family ceremony. I'm holding a photo of the two of us taken in Mexico when I cared for Jackie as a baby.
I had such mixed emotions this day. I was so happy Jackie had found the love of her life and was moving on to create a new life for herself, BUT just when I was getting used to having her near again, she was off to far away lands! You see, after caring for Jackie as a toddler, her family moved to Venezuela, allowing us to see her (my sister's family) only every few years when they would fly to the states for furlough or health issues. When Jackie graduated high school, she came to live in Tampa with my parents while she worked to save money for college. After a year or so, she was off to college, and then engaged, then married, then moved to Costa Rica, then moved to Paraguay!! I did get to spend some time with her between some of those moves which was great. She can always make me laugh! Especially when we talk about one of our late night trips to Dunkin Donuts and the guy thought we were economists because we were both doing math trying to figure out a deal! LOL We almost wet our pants on the ride home due to laughing so hard! (Both of us stink at math, but the guy behind the counter seriously asked: "Are you an economist?" and he asked in a nasally voice which Jackie can mimick perfectly!)

Not sure what Agustin said to them here, but it must have been funny. Fortunately it was after the vows, etc.!

Cute story! Shane always challenged Brian while he was dating Jackie. Shane said HE was going to marry Jackie, and Brian could NOT! Through the years they had several wrestling matches, fighting for Jackie. This particular photo was taken after the small civil ceremony. Shane finally did secede Jackie to Brian on this day!

Dad in the background signing the Marriage Certificate.


Susan said...

She is a lovely young, Godly wife and mother. Can't beat that combination.

This is also my oldest daughters anniversary.


She was a beautiful bride and a very lovly wife and mother, Godly in every way as far as I can tell. I know she had some great example before her.

By the way, You are a beautiful bride yourself. That is a great picture of you and your true love.

Hope you have had a great Valentine's Day.

I am so happy to be able to visit again. Thank you for not forgetting about me while I was not well. connie

Jackie said...

I love reading your blog all the time, but especially on my birthday or anniversary! You are just too sweet! xxoo

Betty said...

Such nice memories! I have met Jackie once and I agree, she is a lovely, fun loving woman and a great mom. I want to meet her daughters some day.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

What great memories. They are a beautiful family.

Love the picture of Shane fighting for Jackie. How sweet.


~~Deby said...

What a cute couple..and those girls of theirs...PRECIOUS !!!

Kelly said...

What a great post! It is so adorable that Shane vied for Jackie's affections. It is so nice that you are so close to so much family.