Sunday, February 15, 2009

Concerts, Banana Pudding, Friends, & Relatives

I've just finished my morning coffee and now must get to my kitchen to make a HUGE Nanner Puddin'!!! After morning service, mom will be feeding about 15 of us. The Dartt Family and B.J.Speer have been scheduled for a concert for awhile now but due to serious health issues, Tracy isn't able to travel. Tracy's son, Stone and B.J. are traveling as a duet for now, keeping the concert dates. The entire family has been blessed with great talent and a desire to use it for God's glory. Please remember them in your prayers. You can be better informed of their ministry and how to pray for this family by CLICKING HERE.

We are expecting lots of visitors, mostly our family members. Let's see: Josh Vernoy and Naomy were going to try to get substitutes to work their bus route at West Gate this morning so they can attend dad's church. My Josh and Tiffany plan on being with us for service today. Also, My cousin Ron, his wife Ellie, and his mom (my Aunt Donna) will be with us as well. They're coming to take Aunt Tommie back to spend a little more with them and Aunt Donna before she leaves at the end of this month. Aunt Tommie has been at my parent's home since Thursday evening.

Tonight, a friend's sister will be doing a mini-concert at dad's church. Then my friend's hubby will preach. As you know, dad is still recovering from surgery and the flu to boot.

Have a great day in the Lord! Now I better get cookin'!


Thursday's Child said...

You sound busy! Sorry to be so bad at visiting lately. I'll try to do better.

Love the hair!

Susan said...

Trust all went well and was a huge success.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Sounds like a fun day seeing everyone. I'm glad there are some good folks to fill in for your Dad while he is recovering.

I haven't had good nanner puddin in a long time.


Webutante said...

Your day sounded full and wonderful! And I do hope your Dad is making good progress....sorry to hear about the flu! Sending love to you all, Jane

~~Deby said...

We love the Dartt's and seen them quite a few times..thanks for the update.
Sounds like a lot going on...

Groovy Mom said...

Oh my, I'm transfixed on the idea of 'Nanner pudding, LOL. I'm on a pudding kick.

Hope everyone is feeling better and the concert went well. :)

Rebecca said...

Can I have some of that banana pudding?