Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caylee's Memorial Service

At the end of this post is a link is to an article with photos, describing today's memorial service for little Caylee Marie Anthony. What a precious little girl who now will never realize her potentials, who will not have the opportunity to live her life and love. That was all taken away from her via murder. Tonight, her mom sits in jail awaiting trial. Kind of strange though when you think that the mom could have legally murdered Caylee three years prior via an abortion. When abortion was made legal, we started down a slippery slope. We've encouraged a culture of death rather than a culture of responsibility and life. No wonder some high school girl can birth a baby during her prom and simply leave it in the bathroom trash receptacle to die, while she goes back out to the dance floor to finish her evening of fun. The lines have become so blurred!

I cannot watch the clips of Caylee on T.V. or read about her without my heart locking up, a lump forming in my throat, and tears streaming down my face. I've awakened many nights recently in a start, and crying, mourning this baby girl's death. What a sad, sad case. I want the mother to confess and give every torrid detail. I want to see justice in the worst way. Join me in prayer for this mother and her poor heartbroken parents. I pray they are introduced to Jesus, the only one who can truly ease their pain and forgive any wrong doing in this case. I pray the person guilty of this murder gets their penalty, which I believe should be death.

Click here---Caylee's Memorial Service


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I watched some of the news clips of Caylee's memorial service, but not all of it as I found it too heart wrenching.

I often wonder if her mother really feels any remorse or anything else concerning her daughter's death.

Susan said...

Few tears are shed for those millions!!!! Even very little thought.

Anonymous said...

So heart breaking and unreal! That little face created by our Lord. *sigh*

(By the way, I love your blinky and put one on my blog, too :)

Sis. Julie said...

This story is one I've been following from the beginning. It has always broken my heart since she came up missing. I have wondered about this mother too. I know only God knows the REAL truth about what happened to Caylee. But I can say that all the evidence points to her. And I pray they are able to determine the truth in all of this and that justice is served. She or whoever did this does deserve death!!! The man that murdered my brother will not get death. There is no option for that because it was not a capital murder case. All he can get is life in prison. His trial is coming up sometime this year (we hope) his case...justice WILL NOT be served.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop watching the news stories about her--it was just too heart breaking.

Oh--and I *love* the picture of you below with your brown hair. It really makes your blue eyes stand out!


Anonymous said...

Will you be showing the full memorial of Caylee Anthony on TV again? I couldn't watch it when it was aired, being on the West Coast.

Rebecca said...

I would like to make a comment about this case. Caylee did not have to die. This never had to happen. When Casey Anthony was pregnant she wanted to give her child up for adoption, but her parents were very opposed to it and basically made her keep a baby she didn't want. Too many times nowadays a young girl or woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock. She chooses against abortion but for adoption. The problem is the parents of the pregnant girl wont allow the child to be placed for adoption. It's understandable that they want to know their grand child. If this is the case then they must legally adopt and take over the parenting of the child. But they don't. They tell the pregnant girl they will "help" her. Or tell her that she got pregnant and now "has" to raise the child. That it would be "wrong" to give it up for adoption. This kind of behavior must stop. Adoption is a wonderful choice. Too many children are being neglected and abused and yes killed because they live in homes where they are not wanted. There are so many good families out there that would love to have these babies, but they never get the chance.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the saddest stories, and it seems like there are more and more family killings. I have actually stopped watching the news, it upsets me so much, but I will catch a glimpse online sometimes, and it always breaks my heart. The ones that devastate me the most are when whole families are killed by the dad. That is probably because of what I've gone through in the last few years.

I wonder if there are statistics available... are these kinds of crimes on the rise since abortion was legalized and we are becoming more and more a culture of death? Or did these things always happen, there just wasn't such widespread news reporting? Makes me wonder. So, so, so sad.