Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Want to Share a Secret!!

Did you know that Agustin and I were professional performers??
Check out a video clip of us in one of our competitions! Be sure to take note of the beautiful scenery in the background - THE ALAMO!

Make sure your sound is on!



Missy said...

Let me know the name of your surgeon. Boy, did you ever get more energy! Let me know the name of yuor diet too! You look great.

ElĂ­zabeth said...

that was hilarious!!!!

A Note From Theresa said...

Blogger messed up on me, my new blog address is


Jungle Mom said...

HEHEHEHEHE!! HAHAHAHAH! cant stop laughing!!!!

jennifer said...

I am totally laughing! I love Jib Jab especially the political ads!

Very cute, and yowza Agustin can move!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Ashley said...

Ooooh...my...I have no words...and you know how hard that is to have occur.

The thing that made me laugh most is seeing Uncle Agustin's face...oh my...rotfl

Abouna said...

Boy, you guys can really cut a rug.

I didn't know you had it in you.

Daughter of the King said...

woohooo...think that is the most dancing AI have ever seen a Baptist do.....sure you aren't backsliding???hehehe?

Daughter of the King said...

or...moonlighting...is this a 2nd income for you two?

Pat said...

Girl, you got some moves there.....and I LOVE the new hairdo!!!(that is a great cut for you!!)You two seemed tolove the dancing!! (All for the Mother country, I am sure!....MEXICO)LOL

P.S. Is that teh Baptist boogie???

Happymama said...

You are too much. No, I didn't know y'all were performers. I'm surprised you're still not on the road. LOL


Abouna said...

Pam, I am having a problem. I have tried 6 times to make one of those Jib Jab movies, but for some reason, it isn't working. Can you give me a walk through on how it is done?

I have uploaded photos after making a dance selection, sized the pics and everything else, but when I preview it, their not there.

justabeachkat said...

What a fun thing to watch. Very cute!