Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Barnes & Nobles, Here I Come!

Have you all heard about Bill Sammon's book, 'The Evangelical President'?

I can't wait to read it. I still love and honor my President! Of course, there are things I strongly disagree with him on and I certainly know he isn't a perfect individual. My goodness, who is? I know he is being abandoned by some in his own party - Republicans. I'm also aware that he is despised by most Democrats and left wing loons. Have you all noticed how much the man has aged during his years as president of this great land of ours? I saw him today, seated for a photo op with the current head of the Iraqi government. He looked so worn out and his face showed great fatigue. I wept for him and called on God right then and there to bless this dear man with some peace and rest. I know that his faith and our prayers are what gets him through these testy times. I'm so glad President Bush is committed to what he starts - he truly wants to see worldwide democracy. I'm also glad that he continues to have the drive to get up each day and face the music. He isn't a quitter and that character trait should be proclaimed on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. along with many other positive things about our President. But no! The negative, nasty machine wants to try to convince us, (Americans), to quit a job that is unfinished. I know this is a crazy thought, but what if all the mass media and all the Democrats, and all Republicans, and all Americans started concentrating on WINNING this war?? Let's talk about that concept for awhile! And, for all Christians who believe in the power of prayer; just as you should pray for your pastor as he leads his flock, (your church family) you should be praying for your President and all those in authority. I must admit, I fall short in this area and don't pray for them enough, but I plan on changing that right here and now. The scriptures tell us to pray for those in authority. Even if you don't agree with them, you can still lift them before the Father. Ask the Lord to show them their mistakes, pray for their salvation, ask the Lord to grant those who lead our land to be blessed with wisdom and discernment. These are just a few suggestions.

Some of the things mentioned in Mr. Sammon's book are:

*Some candid remarks on Barack Obama

*Why the Supreme Court's ruling on the partial-birth abortion ban was a victory and vindication for Bush

*Why Bush is determined to press ahead with his policy in Iraq, despite his party's loss in Congress

*Why Bush has offered advice to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

*How the media has continuously underestimated President Bush, mocking him for his faith and ignoring his achievements

*As Bush stays focused on spreading freedom throughout the world, 'The Evangelical President' shows why the president's critics might have "misunderestimated" him yet again!

So enquiring minds want to know, (actually, I want to know) is this a book you would read?


Pam said...

Hi, Pam (great name;) I followed you here from "A Note From Theresa".
I don't have time for very much reading outside of the Bible, but I think I would enjoy listening to this book while I'm doing the dishes!
Thank you for praying for our President, and for this reminder to all of us to pray for him as well. I think I'll go do that right now ;)

Baptist Girl said...

I have always like Mr. Bush, sure he is not perfect, but he always stands his ground for what he believes to be the right thing to do. He sure has aged, as most presidents do. What a responsibility they have on their shoulders. The liberals are shameful in the way they talk about the President of The United States, just shameful and the rest of the world sees this. It kind of sickens me because I feel Mr. Bush is doing what he can to take care of the country. I will keep him in prayer.


If Mrs. Clinton wins, this is her in a few years (just kidding)

Rebecca said...

I'll tell you why no one talks about winning this war. The democrats/media don't want it won. The insist our soldiers not fire their wepons even to defend themselves. They call our soldiers terrorists (hello Rosie O'donnell that is exactly what you called them)They think that freedom comes free. They don't remember the great sacrifices that our forefathers endured to win America's freedom. If our soldiers were allowed to do what they needed to do it would already be over. But no, the political nonsense holds the generals back from doing what needs to be done.

Penless Thoughts said...

I would read this book. I have read "The Faith of George W. Bush" by Stephen Mansfield.

I hope you will give us your opinion after you finish the book.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Pam, please do a book review after you read this book. I just heard about it and I AM curious. I have the same views as you do. I'm anxious to know if the book is worth the read.

Jungle Mom said...

I'll borrow it right after you finish it!! LOL!

Lyndy said...

Oh Pam I agree with everything you said. I will certainly be sorry to see him leave office. Thanks for the heads up, as I had not heard of this book yet.

Hope you are having a great week.

Hugs, Lyndy

Rebecca said...

It is a book I will read. I am hoping to get it from the post library, if not then I'll have to order it. I like Bush. I don't agree with every decision, but I believe he is being attacked spiritually and that's hard. It should be an interesting read.

Ruth said...

My class prays for President Bush every day. It has been a comfort to me for him to be in charge of our country for the last 7 years. He deserves to rest after this, but I just am not too thrilled with our upcoming choices!!

Candy said...

I would read it! You already know how much I love your president (and Im Canadian) but we love him here. Love Mrs Bush too!

justabeachkat said...

My stack of books to read keeps growing on my bedside table. I can't get another one until I read some I already have. I hope you'll do a review for us so I'll know if I should add this to my list of what to get when I need more.