Monday, February 05, 2007

What an Honor!

Shane, Agustin & I
I didn't have a photo of us cooking, so I put this one up!

I was blessed to have a day in the kitchen with my hubby! He didn't have to leave for the restaurant until three p.m. and I felt well enough to be on my feet for awhile as we chopped veggies and prepared two delicious meals!

First, let me back up here and mention that our church hosted a pastor's fellowship today and with dinner being served around five. My husband got up early and went to the restaurant where he picked up lots of produce that had been donated by Red's Market for the salads tonight. Then he stopped off at the grocery store and purchased two beautiful roasts, a Perdue chicken, (my favorite for making soup or roasting), and a variety of vegetables. When he got home, we got to cooking! I seared the roasts while he started chopping veggies. By one o'clock, we had a huge pot of homemade chicken soup and two roasts with onions, carrots, and potatoes done! The soup was for us and the roasts were for the Pastor's fellowship dinner at five. Agustin left the house around 2:45 and delivered the roasts to the church as he went to work. I counted it a joy to be able to prepare food for some men of God and their wives. What an honor! My little part really didn't amount to much, but nonetheless, it was a blessing to me to be able to participate in this small way.

Shane and I enjoyed that chicken soup not only for lunch, but once again for supper. It was so yummy with the cilantro and all the fresh carrots, potatoes, cabbage. After I dish it into the bowls, I like to add a few squirts of lime juice and eat it with Tostitoes! AYE-CHIHUAHUA!

Please pray for my little man, Shane. He is still very congested but finally downed some cough syrup. That was about an hour ago and his coughing has subsided. He is in bed waiting for a story, so I must run!


Kim said...

sounds DEEELISH!

Jungle Mom said...

Soup sounds great. Give Shane a hug from me.

hannah michelle said...

Oh yummy...Reading that makes my mouth water!

How fun about having pictures with Ernie and also him and your baby! I bet those sure are cute. ;-) One of these days he's probably going to ban me from getting anymore pictures with him! LOL I missed out on his solo days, but at least there are still CDs to listen to.

Thanks for sharing the e-mail from your friend. Sounds like she had a great time, which is no surprise!!

Pam said...

Oh Hannah honey! Could I ever tell yousome tales about three of us (Jackie, Sarah, and myself!) who have so many photos of and with Ernie and lots of other groups and members, but my soul! Mostly Ernie. I just love his personality! Boy do I feel the urge to go get out my photos!

serendip said...

Enjoyed your writing. Thanks and healing thoughts.

Ashley said...

Sounds sooo good!!

Aww, poor Shane...I know how horrible that congestion can be. I'll make sure to keep him in prayer!

Pat said...

Wow--Chicken soup....can we come for leftovers???

You and Augustine sure were a blessing to many on Monday....lots of good smelling food on a chilly day, and noone had to cook out of those familis!!! There was plenty for the kids, too!!

What a blessing!!

Sis. Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the picture!! Its nice to put faces with names. I'm sorry to hear that Shane has been sick. My kids have all been passing around colds as well...I'm ready for winter to be over so we can all get well!!