Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Swinging Lifestyle of a Meerkat"

My 9 year old, Shane, wrote this short report Monday after reading about Meerkats. His innocence in it all is what makes it so precious. I just had to share it. I will type it here exactly the way it appears on his paper, misspelled words and all. Here goes:


Meerkats are predators. They can make babies when their one year old. They can do it all year.

They can use their sharp long claws to kill, to dig, to fight. They travel in packs. One will guard while the rest hunt. They are related to other species to. They are also on diets.

{Then he drew a cute picture of them!)

Now here is the adult translation pertaining to what we read yestereday:

Meerkats are predators They have no particular mating season as do some mammals.

They use their claws for defense. They travel in packs and hunt in groups. Their diet consists of insects and larva, some meat.


BrittLeigh said...

Oh my, that is so, so cute :). I have notebooks of papers I had written for school that are very similar to that :). I love how innocent kids are ;).

Pat said...

That is sooo cute!! O love it when they write like this!!

One of my children used to write in what they referred to "little kid writing"-without thought of misspelled words or proper grammar....the words just flowed on the paper...
I cherish those--I have them stored away!

Ashley said...

AWWW! That is adorable!! I love my lil buddy! He is so cute!(and smart!!)

Haha...I'd hate to see anything I've written when I was little, talk about misspelled words!! LOL

Jungle Mom said...

And you cant blame the public schools because you home school!! lol

Jackie said...

Hee hee. They do it all year. LOL. That's funny.

serendip said...

Precious, indeed. Happy Valentine's day.

Sherry said...

Meerkats are adorable. Reminds me of The Lion King's Timone. Happy Valentine's Day!!!