Monday, February 26, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

Okay, so Christmas was 2 months ago! But here are some photos I never shared with my sister and niece, who were so far away from us during this special time of memory making! So please, just indulge me for today as I play "MAKE UP"!
I asked my nephew to pose for a picture with his great Aunt Tommie before leaving. He just rushed right over to her and swooshed her up! She giggled so hard! What a great memory!

Shane with my cousin Ron Kennedy and his wife, Ellie. December 2006

My dad with his sister Tommie, Christms 2006. She collects fans, so he gave her this one that a missionary had brought him from Japan!

Shane and I, with Aunt Donna and Aunt Tommie, Dec. 06, at Aunt Donna's house.


Sherry said...

Wow! These are great photos! Thank you for sharing.

Jungle Mom said...

I miss everyone! Do you realize I haven't been in the states for a Christmas in 13 years! Thanks for sharing the fotos and I loved seeing my son holding MY aunt!


Pam, your pictures of your family are wonderful. You look like you have a great family. Thanks for the sweet comment you made on my blog, it was nice visiting with you. I'll see you soon. connie from Texas.

Shane Rios said...

HAHAHAHA...........................HA!!! i forgot about that well i don't now anything nobody knows.

Janie said...

I saw your post over at Connie's blog and thought I would come and say "hi"! Better late than never on the Christmas pictures...but is your tree taken down yet??? Just kidding! I look forward to reading your blog.

luvvom said...

That just isn't right...wearing shorts and short sleeves in Dec!!!! :o(

Pat said...

Great pics, Pam. I know you had a lot of fun with Tommi and Donna. I know it was a wonderful memory to add to your holdays!!

And, I am sure Shane will NEVER forget it!!

Baptist Girl said...

Great Pics Pam,
I want a pair of those boots!!


e-Mom said...

Thanks for sharing these photos... yes, better late than never! And thanks for visting my blog and leaving a link to that darling photo of you and your husband. Awesome! :~)