Monday, February 26, 2007

Wanna Do Some "Cyber Visitation"?

If so, then please go here and read this dear sister's entry for Monday, Feb. 26th. I can't wait to hear back from you all on this one!


Candy said...

Hi!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! That was so nice. I like yours too!! Hope you drop by again. I love your pictures in your last post...looks like a FUN family!!!! :)


Candy said...

Hi again :)
Thanks for the last comment...WOW, so you had your kids 10 years apart!!! Maybe there is hope for me :) Of course with the Lord there is always hope right :)
But wow, thats encouraging!
Thanks for letting me know :)


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for sharing Pam.

Karen said...

Hi Pam!
I noticed a new name on my comments and I came over to see you! It's nice to meet another fellow blogger!
Thank you for your comment on my site, it sure has been a tough few days here.
I will be back to read more.

Jackie said...

I never realized how much of a blogging nazi you were!! Here I am, barely recovered from my breakbone fever, I get to chat with you for the first time in a week, and what do you say?? "I expect to see a comment on my blog tonight!!" Thanks a lot for the compassion!! LOL. Just kidding. Love you lots!

Pam said...