Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The joy of the Lord is my strength!

Here is a list of things that brought joy to my heart and life today!

*Shane felt better and was able to do a little more school work than he has done in days and his throat allowed for some oral reading

*My niece in Paraguay sent me video clips of the house she just moved into

*The house my niece moved into is a tropical paradise for little money - so nice

* I had the opportunity to share some simple kindness with one of the groundskeepers of our community

*I thought my mouse (think computer)was broken. I was ready to rush out the door and buy a new one. I ran to use the restroom first. Shane runs to my bathroom door yelling: "Mom, we don't need to go. Dad fixed it!" I had changed the batteries to our wireless mouse, shaken it, rattled it, many other things. I guess Agustin just had that special touch it needed

*We had a delicious dinner with hubby at home

*Found out my dear friend over at http://www.itsmymemories.blogspot.com/ is about to leave on vacation with her family to see one of her sons (he lives in PA, where it was only 8 degrees when he went to class this morning!) I am so happy she gets to go and so happy I won't be in that cold weather!

*I received a newsy email from a dear cousin I hadn't heard from in awhile

*I was able to blog after all this evening (Believe me, when my mouse went haywire, I went into panic mode - I AM ADDICTED TO BLOGGING!)

*Many reminders of my Heavenly Father's love for me through out the day


BrittLeigh said...

it was only 8 degrees..."

Hmm... that is cold, but not really... Compared to the -30 we had over the weekend!! You southerners are so very, very smart to live in a decent climate :)

Pam said...

Whoa Mama! did you say negative 30??!! Well I guess I am smarter than I ever thought! However, Our summers can be downright miserable!