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Resolution for the New Year

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I do this at the start of each new year, make a resolution, even though I know I will fail at some point. (You know the old regulars like *lose weight * get in better shape * exercise more.....). Many folks scoff at the idea of making "New Year's Resolutions" but I know you agree with me about the importance of us all having goals of some sort.  I mean, that is one of the things I find so exciting about a new year - turning the page! It's the feeling of a new beginning!

See these beautiful little ones in the photos below?
My resolution for 2013 is to spend more time with these kiddos! 

At our church, I am the Children's Church teacher. I enjoy preparing the lessons and snacks for each week. The children are sweet and very loving in my class - (most of the time) *smiles*. However, with the recent realization of just how fast they're growing up and how the world is vying for their attention already, it has recently laid heavy on my heart that I need to reach out and try to become more involved with them during the week. An hour or so at church on Sunday morning and a snack from a loving teacher just isnt' enough. That's not going to cut it in giving them the spiritual strength, knowledge, and tools they need to stand up to the many hurtful temptations in this fallen world. I ask you to pray with me for the precious young lives I am a part of. I've lived with a chronic illness since the age of 27. 
for the past two months, my disease has been in a very active mode. I see a new specialist soon. I need to feel better physically in order to follow through with what the Lord has laid on my heart, so I'd appreciate your prayers in the specific area of my health.

I know they will most likely make some poor decisions in the future, but I have been there, done that. If/When that happens, I hope to be there with unconditional love for them;  to help dust them off and get them going on the right track again.

Things I have in mind for the year as my health allows:

*Invite the child's family to our home for a meal; include a short devotion.

*Invite one child at a time to spend a Sunday afternoon with us.

*Let children take turns helping Shane and I pass out food & water bottles to the homeless.

*Deep clean the classroom together on a Saturday. Pizza party afterwards.

*If you have any suggestions on ways I can disciple these children more frequently, I'd love to hear them. The logistics will be interesting since the children and I live in scattered towns.

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Susan said...

Oh these are all wonderful goals!!!! How blessed both you, the children, and their families will be :o) If you've been dealing with chronic disease since age 27 I say IN JESUS NAME it is time to be healed. Father God I pray for Pam and ask that you heal her and that she walk in that healing that you accomplished for her with those 39 stripes on that cross. Thank you Father God that you command us to pray one for another and give us the privilege to do so. In it in my Saviors precious, precious name that I pray. Amen.